Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Mystic Marionette of Marigny

Katherine Engen and I are teaming up again to put on another exciting New Orleans in mid Feb.   Katherine has been busy getting hotels, junking, cemeteries, and artist studio visits all worked out...
I've been busy getting the class sample ready for your perusal.    
Here's a litte video to watch the little dude in action
Class Description:

Palm and Tarot readers line the New Orleans sidewalks with visions of the future…well…perhaps.  To honor Big Easy soothsayers I thought we’d have a bit of fun using some puppetry.  In this class we will be creating marionettes that have moving arms that foretell forthcoming events.  The real inspiration for this class is the card reading automatons like “the Gypsy” and “Zoltar”.  You plunk in a few coins and all of a sudden the arms start moving and the future is revealed.   Using old doll parts and various found objects students will create miniature-divining booths of our own.   What will your fortune be?  I see a trip to New Orleans in your future. 

Enrollment has started Valley Ridge Art Studio
hope to see you there!


Debs said...


Thespoena McLaughlin said...

That is quite possibly the coolest and most awesome piece of art I have ever seen. Amazing what you do.

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vikki eaglefeather said...

starting my savings jar for this!!
i am sooooo going to be there!
brain has an idea already!!

Larksong said...

Very Interesting. MM seems to have a human helper; I notice fingers that look suspiciously like yours...