Monday, February 13, 2012

New Orleans 2012

Back from the Big Easy...New Orleans.  Had a great time.   Lots of goodies to share but mostly wanted to give everyone a bit of an overview.    Started out at Priestess Miriam's Voodoo Temple for our meet and greet.  Lots of killer shrines...everywhere.
 Here's a nice one

 And of course there was, Cafe DuMonde...mmmmmmm
and some arty pontificating by Katherine and Andrea

 Fried pickles....and other things at the Praline Connection

 A little late night music over in Algiers across the Mississippi.

 What about cemeteries?...ooooh doggie!

 and yes more Voodoo at the Seance Room of Muriel's Restaurant.

Music...and how!

 And believe it or not...with all this going on...everyone was even able to create some art...and pretty exceptional stuff too.  The class concept was to create a shrine or offering place for your resident ghost to keep them from rattling you windows and answering your phone.  Here's the classes' creations:

Sharon Ross

Penny McDonald

Kelley Clarke 

Carol Clark
Evelyn Finley 

David Donley

Marilyn Werst

Pam Rogalski

Gary Warren Neibuhr

Karen Rexrode

 Lori Burke

 Marci Donley

 Marcia Kaiser

Marline Smallwood

Rob McDonald

 A great time with a great bunch of artists.  

Plans are in the works for next years NOLAworkshop.  A whole lot of junking in store and some local artist studio tours are some of the things being planned out.  As for the 2013 class project...lets just say it involves some of sleight of hand...more soon...very soon.


adeola said...

love all the beautiful work created and the feel of new orleans...thanks for sharing!

Penny McDonald said...

Most fun I've ever had in a classroom!

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, are you Kidding?! You wrote down all the artists' names and put them with their work?! What a pro!!

Well, I'll be at Artfest. Yes! But I don't have one of your classes. Someone 'left word' with registration that your workshops filled up the first day and I would have to take something else.

Oh, well. We'll always have Zinnia.

Jill Blevins said...

I have seen photos from previous classes and now New Orleans. oh man, I'm sooooooooooooooooo envious. I hope that one day I can actually be in an in-person class instead of just online ones.

All of these pieces are wonderful. Michael, doesn't it make you feel so proud when you see the product from your students?

G.J said...

very wonderful event, I like all those antique items.

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