Monday, February 27, 2012

Master Classes

Last year I tried an experiment at Valley Ridge Art Studio .  I wanted to try a class with students who have taken my classes or read my books and allow them to create weird thingies with whatever oddities they happened to bring.  It was an Assemblage Free For All and it was a ton of fun.  
So this year I am teaching the Trash to Treasure Master Class at two locations
1. Valley Ridge in Muscoda WI, July 7-8
2. Art Unraveled in Scottsdale AZ, August 1-2

The Big Question:
Is it essential to have taken a class to do these Master Classes?
The Big Answer: would help but I'd say that if you've read my books (Dusty Diablos and/or Secrets of Rusty Things) you're good to go!
Trash to Treasure:
Artists are renowned for using whatever is readily available in their surroundings to create art. You’re not going to see many coconut carvings in Alaska . In many ways, this is why the process of assemblage has become so popular; after all, junk and discarded things abound. Perfect pickings for those with the desire for junking and dumpster diving.
In this class we’re going to take anything and everything and transform it into something of value. We are taking trash and turning it into something seemingly sacred. Sound ironic. Actually I view it similar to the alchemical process of transforming base metals into gold. This will be done using various methods of assemblage, collage, and painting techniques.
This is a 2-day workshop for students who have previously taken my courses and are familiar with the tools I use and the paint techniques. This will allow us to explore more advanced ideas

Hope to see you there


coolie said...

The most difficult thing about Michael's classes are deciding WHAT TO BRING. I can have half the car filled with "stuff" for class and then, when ready to take off, think....."Ooooh! I might need those molars, and maybe that metal cover to that old projector...and oh yeah, maybe those porcupine quills, too! Hmmmmm....."

And then it's back into the house to fill up yet ANOTHER box to cram into the car, and of course I might get a little side-tracked (A.D.D.) and clean the oven or that spot in the carpeting, and maybe I should quick hem those pants before I leave...

Then I get to class, tired and frazzled, and never finish anything I start there, but always have a pretty good start on something...

But these classes are the BEST! I always have a blast, and Michael's a hoot and the classmates are always great, and the setting where Valley Ridge Art Studio is at is so beautiful! Worth every penny! I can't wait for the next one!

Maybe I should start filling boxes NOW for the next class, and maybe buy a van like Gary's, so I can bring even MORE stuff! said...

Ah. What I wouldn't give....

yoborobo said...

This is on my dream list.