Monday, July 05, 2010

Cyclopian Sketched Out Monday

Once upon a time, when I was a little boy of three, the year man first walked on the moon, I wrote a book called Space Monster.  It was a story about an astronaut who blasts off to space and lands on the moon (the space ship was a three stage jobber with each section label "1", "2", and of course "3".  Once he lands, he steps out of his craft and encounters a giant, one eyed monster on the moon.  The monster proceeds to crush his space ship and then starts to attack the astronaut.  Luckily our hero as a ray gun and blasts the cyclops, who falls off the moon.  Stranded, the astronaut call NASA who immediately sends help.  This time the send an guy in a sporty jet like space ship.  He lands picks up our hero and they speed back to earth.  On there way the see the Cyclopian monster floating in space.   The land safely on earth where they are greeted by Hawaiian woman who adorn them with leis (I was living in Hawaii at the time I wrote seem pretty normal to me).  The End.

I was thinking about this story and decided to have a little fun with it.  Here are a couple of sketches I came up with while being a bit nostalgic.
Space Monsters are typically not very well endowed.  Just so you know.  This was a detail I left out of the original text.

This is a little closer to the original book.  I did add the hat....and I think the original Space Monster was a bit hairier.  He is sort of like the Abominable Snowman in Bugs Bunny cartoons, except that the Abominable Snowman didn't get blasted with a ray gun.

Hope you like my little trip down memory lane.


zoe said...

very fun post :D
i love the monsters!

Anonymous said...

The art we do comes from seeds planted long ago.

Lois2037 said...

This makes me smile! I was the kind of kid that drew monsters, too, all through my school days, especially when I was supposed to be taking notes. In fact, I still like to draw monsters from time to time. I especially love the drawing of the space monster with his hat, menacing the little astronaut and his space ship.

forgotten things said... the writing style, very honest... second, I had no idea cyclopes were well endowed but so glad you made it back from the moon... where would we be without astronaut monster vanquishing heroes? I hope your day includes a little monster vanquishing today!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Well, darn! There goes my "sexy space monster" fantasy...

Very funny and charming post!