Monday, March 08, 2010

Workshop Season is here!

So the time of me lounging around, eating potato chips, and watching reruns of Bewitched is over.  I'm hitting the road real real a venue near you!  So here's whats lurking around the bend...

First workshop of the season is up in the land of the Olympics.
Thats right I'm heading to The Upstart Crow in Vancouver B.C. (Delta more specifically)
A book-signing of Dusty Diablos on Friday March 19th and then I'll be teaching a two day Maskmaking workshop Sat and Sun March 20th and 21st.  I know Canadians are still a celebrating from the hockey win so perhaps we can modify hockey masks in class....believe it or not back in 1959 hockey masks looked like this:

ArtFest 3/24-3/28
Next up is the ever-popular ArtFest in Port Townsend.
Get ready for the extravaganza!  Fun fun as usual.

Next stop
Southern California...two venues in April.  Count venues

Then I head south to the little blue star of Santa Monica and the Urban Craft Center
I'm friends with the owner Angharad but have never seen her space...stylin'.  
I'm also going to be doing a book-signing there as well.  Can't wait.

Next..the lovely pink star on the map match my toes
My old stomping grandparents had a business not far from here...brings back memories everytime I go down there.
Tamara has a new store...can't wait to see it!

Okay thats it for now....
Oh one last thing
...Jenny Doh has a new project called:
that is an inspirational art site that emphasizes the healing power of art.  I'm guest curator this week so stop over...I'll be adding new links all week to inspire you.

Okay...wait...maybe just one more thing
Dusty Diablos is now in the warehouse...there are gonna start shipping Amazon pre-orders!   You're local bookstores should be seeing them soon.

see everyone somewhere!


Anonymous said...

I checked out the videos on Jenny Doh's site (thanks for the link) and the flies were a hoot. The ink blots gave me an idea for my own project. Thanks

Christine said...

I've enjoyed each of the cool links that you've shared this week~ your main post quite moving. In the past two years I have become fascinated with the El Dia de los Muertos celebration~the shrines, preparation, festivities. My four year old has a very basic understanding of the celebration. We've explained that it's sort of a party to remember family members who have died and aren't here anymore, like his Grandma Penny. I want him to have a positive way of dealing with the inevitability of death and exposing him El Dia de los Muertos is one way of helping him, and myself, do so, in addition to getting in touch with his Mexican & Peruvian ancestry. What you have created is an amazing thing..just think of all those youngsters who will grow up attending this event and how they will be able to express grief and joy in such a creative manner. I'd love to see something like this get started here where we live.
On a side note I'm going to look for your books here at our local bookstore. Many years ago when in college I took several sculpture classes, including metal sculpture. I cut,twisted, painted and played with texture on metal~ I experimented a bit with mask making too. My work right now (dolls) has absolutely nothing to do with my past work and lately I've been itching to experiment..perhaps incorporating the two. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know I find by your work dark, humorous and beautiful ~ I can almost picture your toys in animated form (Brothers Quay).