Friday, March 12, 2010

If you missed worries....OnLine Class now available for download

Putting it All Together is  available for download now at
Don't worry if you missed class, you can purchase all class recordings here. Each 90 minute class recording is packed with images and instructions on "how-to" from some of your favorite workshop instructors. Watch at your own pace, stop, repeat, or look at the images frame by frame.

Czech it out!


Samantha Marshall said...

I just downloaded these and have watched/listened to part one. They're great!!!Thanks for making them available.

Mija said...

Wah! It's so validating to see your studio Michael! tee hee

Ottilias Veranda said...

Thank You for making video classes, perfect for us overseas not able to meet You in person! Just what I have been waiting for. And I´m thrilled about Your new book too.Now I only have to wait for my paycheck to arrive so I can buy!



Candace said...

Hoo. Rah.
Thanks much for this.