Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Secret Keeper

Getting ready for my West Coast tour...but that doesn't mean I forgot you guys on the East Coast.  I just finished a piece for a class I'm doing in Bristol, Rhode Island a the Bead House, June 18th and 19th.

The Secret Keeper
I call this workshop the Secret Keeper.  I’ve always liked the idea of a place where secrets are kept.  
Of course most people thing of Pandora and her box (which, as an aside was actually a large jar in the original story…I think I prefer to think of it as a small box for some reason), or there is Alice going down the rabbit hole.  In both cases the there is potential danger inside those sacred places, but also potential enlightenment.  

In this piece I have made it so that the little "Secret" can be taken out when necessary and then replaced in its home...for safekeeping.  Safe from others...and perhaps others safe from it...depending on the secret.

I'll actually have this piece at the Bead House for the next couple months.  I shipped it out today so it should be there soon.   Stop in and see it.


Renee Troy said...

It's a great piece Michael. You should entice many followers to your class for this.

Chris said...

One think that I particularly love is that the secret can be removed and replaced. Like in life. This is gorgeous. It reminds me of how much I love secret places in altered books. Gives me an idea for the journal I'm doing. Thanks for sharing.

Chris said...

thing, not think.

I also love that you used its correctly. Because i'm weird about its and it's.

I can't comment again right now, I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Do you mind that your fans try to use your ideas in their own work?

upnover said...

That's so cool - do that in So Cal!

Mija said...

Ooooh, is this what you're thinking about for the workshop in Eugene? I hope so.

deMeng said...

Yep Mija this is the class.

Anonymous said...
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