Friday, March 05, 2010

The Big Oaxaca Secret....REVEALED!

Oaxaca 2010...
as I a mentioned in a previous post, I am returning to Oaxaca for yet another Day of the Dead teaching extravaganza.   Up until now I have been keeping the class project a bit of a secret while I worked out some details with my organizer and Mexico guru Colleen...I don't know how I'd pronounce all those indigenous names without her....i.e. huitlacoche (which is a corn fungus by the way). I reveal the secret....
the classes title:

Altar-ed Faces:  
Nicho Masks and Paint-Making
In this class we are going to create masks that also function as shrines...."Head Cases" or "Altar'ed Faces"...take your pick.  Using assemblage techniques students will create reliquaries that could potentially be worn as well as hang on the wall.
Now for the really exciting part: 
 We are also going to explore a variety of paint-making methods, ranging from indigenous Mexican techniques to contemporary processes.  There are some really unusual and fascinating indigenous techniques that Mexicans use to create paints....very weird science.  Using these techniques we will create paints and colors the old fashioned way....the really old fashioned way. 
 We will also use learn t make textures and colors from some of the materials we find along the way.  I will also incorporate some modern paint technologies in the paint making process...just to keep things interesting.
This workshop will also include a variety of Day of the Dead activities, as well as excursions throughout the artistically rich Oaxacan Valley.  More information on those tours as they get worked out.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
for more info contact Colleen Darling:  805-688-1221

I've also started a blog about the Oaxaca trip....not much on there yet, but as we get things figured out like specific tours and itineraries I'll post them there.  I'll also be putting up photos from years all you deMeng de los Muertos veterans from the last three years.  Let me know if you want to post any photos and I'll be glad to do so.

Remember the class size is limited.
hope to see some of you there!


HeArt Collective said...
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HeArt Collective said...

so cool dude!
the paint making sounds really interesting...
have fun!
adios muchacho!

yona said...

michael, you aLREADY KNOW this... i am SO local textile store sells cochineel ... wondering if i should bring some....

Julie said...


Outside The Lines said...

Sounds like a great time and a phenomenal class! Wish I could be there!

Sue McGettigan said...

No way!! That is too cool, weird science at it's best :)

Karen Cole said...

The paint making........reason enough to want to sign up.

Pretty incredible looking workshop and total experience.

Let's see what the gods have in store for me this year.

Kristine Campbell said...

I just finished reading the introduction to your new book. I am wondering if you like the work of Varo and Carrington? It was Varo's work that first got me interested in Mexico and Spanish art.
Just curious.

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