Tuesday, December 30, 2008

deMeng de los Muertos 2009

Guess what is being planned as I type: deMeng de los Muertos 2009. We had such a great year (once again) in 2008 that Colleen and I are planning another trip. The specifics such as this year's Day of the Dead activities and tours and are still being worked out but I thought I'd throw a bone (no pun intended) your way. Here's the 2009 class description:

Calaveras y Diablos, y Santos…Oh My!

Translation: Skeletons and Devils and Saints…Oh My. My head spins every time I visit Oaxaca and see all the Day of the Dead toys and figurines made by the local artisans. I have a number of such purchases in my collection, such as a group of drunken diablos, a skeletal Frida on a bicycle, and of course my various Virgin of Soledad statues. So on this year's trek to the magical city of Oaxaca, Mexico, I thought that we would explore the process of doll and figurine making, and I should say, from my standpoint…the crazier the better. We will use everything from broken toys and found objects, to bizarre items like eyes and wings and halos from the surreal religious store La Ninas de las Posada, to handmade items using epoxy clay. For those who want to create little homes for your peeps, we will go over making a little nichos, as well as some metal embossing techniques for adornment. In this class you will be required to play…no fuddy-duddying allowed (and yes I did make up that word). As with previous years we will also create a class ofrenda (memorial shrine) to honor those we have lost and want to remember. Hope you decide to join me at my favorite place in the world, during my favorite festival…Dia de los Muertos…oh my!

for more info or to get on the list contact:
Colleen Darling
Home 805-688-1221
Cell 805-448-1509


Anonymous said...

absolutely jealous of anyone able to go with you two! someday, someday my turn will come.... meanwhile i am already anticipating great photos of the trip and workshops!

Suzan Buckner said...

I used your book, and made an altered art doll influenced by you. It was absolutely totally FUN in making it. You must have a blast creating your art!!
Thank you for writing the book!

Mija said...

Please God, let this be the year I go to deMeng de los Muertos! I promise I'll give up boozin' and... oh, wait a minute, what's the point of going if i can't drink the mescal... um, i promise i'll never tell another lie... hmmm, if i can't lie then i'd have to tell Russ how much the trip REALLY costs... well, how about i just give up jelly beans, okay? I really don't like them anyway. ;) Okay, i'll figure out some sort of sacrifice to make so i can come along this year. I've heard great things about about it.

Vickie said...

If you throw me a bone I'll bite :)
My BFF Helen and I will be heading for Oaxaca with our epoxy clay and various body parts (doll variety),in tow. So, batten down the hatches. Double trouble heading your way. I've already warned Collenn! And you thought one of me was a handful.

Chris said...

Okay, I came over here to comment on excessive unprotected sun exposure, as evidenced by the photo you have here, and I got distracted by the word verification that's come up, 'rakmac'.

Isn't is odd how the word verifications can almost make sense? But who's Mac? I'm not going to RAK someone I don't even know? Is it one of your nicknames? Should I RAK you? I bet that's what it is. But can it be random, if you have a head's up about it? I don't think so. I'll RAK you when you least suspect it, and anonymously. That's probably best.

Dear Mr. Demeng; It is a dream of mine to go to one of these retreats. Bali sounds fabulous, too. I hope next year I can go.

Karen Cole said...

I , so have this on my bucket list.

Amy in Austin said...

Michael, when Connie called me and told me I *had* to sign up for Oaxaca this year, the timing was absolutely perfect. My trip to Greece for work had just been canceled (damn the economy anyway!). Then she told me you were making dolls... well. That got me hooked. Looking forward to heading to Oaxaca again. Amy in Austin (who's going to try to talk the fabulous Wendy into going this weekend when we make books together!).

Anonymous said...

I found Boris Spider on the net. You should visit his workshop in Oaxaca next round. Wish I had known this last year!

Anonymous said...