Monday, February 02, 2009

Mexico City - Part Uno: Art on Grasshopper Hill

So just go back from a great trip to Mexico City. I'll show you some of my art adventures in parts. Just to let you know...I'm saving the best for last

These are images from an exhibit on the main thoroughfare of Paseo Reforma, in Chapultapec (grasshopper hill)

The artist's name is Leonora Carrington, who is British born but spent much, if not most of her life in Mexico City. Carrington is a surrealist and the exhitbit is of large bronze sculptures of her work. I came across it in a cab on route to the Anthropological Museum (I'll go into that in another post).

What a great can admire it from a car, but I got out and walked the exhibit...much nicer.
Here's the main fish dude at the beginning

wouldn't you love a stove like this:

this is one of my favorites
this is a nice photo cuz you can get a sense of how the exhibit runs down the what is not to love about stingray-faced man

The jouney ends with a grim group
They remind me of something from my private collection. My grim group is by the Oaxacan black pottery artist Carlomagno Pedro. okay that's it for now


JonesMoore said...

Wow, gorgeous sculptures! I was with you in Oaxaca when you purchased the "grim group" barro negro piece. So glad it made it back with you in one piece! Visit my new bolg when you get some free time (hah!!), I've got a link to your blog on my page. See you at ArtFest, Michael.

Penny A said...

WOW! These are awesome; and I love the fact that it was a meandering exhibit :-) Thanks!

Stephanie Lee said...

WOw!! Looks incredible!! I can't wait to read the future tease. :)

~Kammie~ said...

wow--that is so cool--thanks for sharing!

Musing said...

What fabulous sculptures! It's such a wonderful art form. In my next life I want to come back as a sculptor of large pieces.

See you down under in November.

Vickie said...

Welcome back!Love LC's art, especially the stove. Gives me an idea for one I got from Christine at the Artist's Nook...wheels turning...Looks like you had a good time in Mexico City. How's the robo-finger doing?

FishStikks said...

Holy Mackarel! Those sculptures are just phenomenal. I would love to meander my way through an exhibit like that. Thank you so much for letting me see a little bit of it right here at my computer.

Truly wonderful!

peggy gatto said...

Some of these look like your assemblages! Have you ever done a REALLY BIG one????

HeArt Collective said...

too cool. great sculptures, great pix. thanks for the sneak peek!


Janine said...

These are fabulous! Thanks for posting them Michael!

Nor said...

Hello from Mexico City:

Great to see you made a quick review photographic of Carrignton´s sculptures. Of curse living in near Mexico City I see it often when I go there. Unfortunatelly, sad to say it but, not many Mexicans see what we have. Last night I was chatting with an American friend and told him the Chapultepec park (where the Carrignton´s exhibition is located) is a huge park divided in 4 sección and each sección has wonderful museums. You mentioned the Antropology one but also there is the Rufuno Tamayo and the Modern Art Museum. Anyway, I told my friend having so close the museums you can see thousands of people walking into the park but just a few enter to the museums, that is why, the goverment decided to take the ehibitions out but with that action, I am not very sure if the people is interested. Well, many that have not a culture education in arts have learned because this kind of exhibitions. Thanks to post about Mexico and its culture.

Regards to all.