Saturday, November 24, 2007

El Charro now has a blog

Hey gang,
just wanted to let you know that, my alter ego, El Charro de las Calaveras, now has a blog.
You can check it out his latest adventure HERE
(Don't you like his new logo?)

Also yesterday was Fridays Found Object Find as the Artist's Nook check out the new things here.

And while I'm away I will have some art available in the states. Christine at the Artists Nook has some smaller shrine items, as well as some of my new Angels and Demons matchbox necklaces (not finished yet but I will send them to her before I leave).

You can also find my Creative Outlets at
Gallerie Chiz

And larger work at, including whats left of the work from my book, Secrets of Rusty Things.
Artisans on Taylor

El Charro

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