Friday, November 02, 2007

El Charro de las Calaveras

Just a note to everyone. I am still in Oaxaca for my Dia de los Muertos classes. The workshop just ended and everything went wonderfully. As for the Day of the Dead activities they have been quite spectacular as always. Candles, altars, sandpaintings, marigolds, skulls, parades, and El Charro de las Calaveras (the cowboy of the skeletons). I was watching this show the other morning. It had a zorro-like hero who battles werewolves, zombies, headless horsemen, vampires, and skullfaced monks. Not quite sure of his angle, because he wears a skull logo on his outfit so you´re not quite sure if he is totally good...he must be tormented. I know this though...he is cool. If you see someone back in the states wearing a black sombrero, a mask and a will know that I have taking up where El Charro has left off. Have no fear El Charro is here.
Will post images from the trip when I get back in a week or so...


ginny said...

Ride El Charro! Ride!
Be sure to come back. We know how much you like it there.

Vickie said...

Hmm, I think I dated El Charro last time I visited Mexico. Those tormented souls get me every time. And the black sombrero and skulls.
Glad you had fun.
Hasta luego!

tim holtz said...

hey michael - well you've been tagged! by me that is - check out my blog for details. would love to see your answers!

Izabella~ said...

Stopping by to catch up on your blog!! oh such lovely posts I have missed~

oh my, I would looooove to go to Italy for art, how dreamy is that!? love the photo of you, mesmerized by the beauty of Judy!

the "thingy" I was going to send you, made it all the way from my road from Seattle to Vegas, then as I was packaging it up to send to you I dropped it!! it shattered into pieces! I was so upset, I don't even know what the heck it was, so I can't even google what it was~ lost treasures~

have fun on your trip to see your beautiful lady :) xo!! ~Bella

Karen said...

Hey Michael, Oaxaca was fantastico. Viva El Charro! Thank you for the opportunity to go for Dia de Los Muertos. Muy Frio!! Karen