Saturday, December 08, 2007

No I didn't fall off the face of the earth...I just slide a bit south

Hey all,
In Sydney, hanging with my beloved Judy. Been kind of a whirlwind week. Off the plane in Sydney, only to get on another plane for a function up in Queensland...which was lovely...great food, drink and the resort at Coolum was quite spectacular.

I've been getting back to art making. Just finished a piece yesterday...sort of a Shiva skateboard. I was feeling a bit playful so this is my latest concoction...
I can't believe all the goodies that Judy has stashed away for me...astounding. There is no shortage of junk here. She took me to a few places that are her secret sources for her assortment of nifty things. The first place was (THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN DELETED BY JUDY WILKENFELD), and then she took me to (THIS INFO HAS BEEN DELETED BY JUDY WILKENFELD), great source for rusty things if you're in the Sydney area.

Dropped a line to Mr. LoBue, will be hooking up with him at some point. If fact I just emailed him to ask him how to clean the bones off the bat the has fallen into Judy's yard. Some of you may remember her post from the day I arrived to Sydney in which a bat hat got hung up in some power lines. Here's the image
So it finally dropped and the little buggies are hard at work picking him to the bone, but I need to know how to really clean him so I don't get kooties. I assume that there is something to dunk him into. I figure Keith would know...otherwise does anyone else have any bright ideas?
Oh speaking of LoBue, he's having a holiday sale check it

Also Perth workshop ended up getting cancelled and postponed till the end of January. The timing in relation to the holidays was a bit we try it then. Jan 24 -27th.

Okay that's it for now... except for :

El Charro in: The Return of the Intestinal Creature from the Rio Muerto


kass said...

Was wondering if you had falled off the earth.

OK I have a question - what is the Australian equivilent of E-600. I need to know for the tranparency class in Melbourne in Feb and I cant figure out what it is (other than a strong glue!)

help the dumb chick in Mexico (Melbourne)

deMeng said...

Hi Kass,
E6000 is difficult and expensive to import to Australia after 9/11. Not to worry...go to your local hardware store and pick up Selley's Liquid Nails Clear...same stuff.

see you in Melbourne

azirca said...

Michael, your new piece is fabulous! You never fail to inspire with your unique creations. How on earth do you sleep? Your head must be overflowing with wonderful creative goodness.

ahaha I love the "deleted by Judy" bit. Just as well I don't live in Sydney I'd have to force her secret source out of her ;)

Sorry can't help you with the bat and not getting kooties but ewww thanks I was eating when I read that! yeah...not so hungry now ;)

willowthewysp said...

Bleach!,,that would clean it well, wouldn't it?

Gotta say though...thats disgusting!!!!!

jenw said...

Michael, the best way of getting "to the bones" as it were, IS to let the bugs do their thing. Once they've cleaned off the 'meat', you can further sterilize/whiten by putting them in hydrogen peroxide. DON'T put them in bleach as even a small amount will start to deteriorate the bone and they will, sooner or later, crumble. A really good reference can be found here:

Enjoy! ;)

Anonymous said...

The Assemblage Artists Yahoo group had quite a discussion on cleaning bones in late October. Many helpful comments to be found there.

Judy K said...

I love your new piece Michael! Very cool! I can't wait for my piece to arrive! I was able to get a little something from Keith too. :)

As far as the bones..what about acid?
Don't you watch any of those CSI shows? lol! Bugs do a great job and it probably doesn't take that long.

Judy K

Paula Scott said...

There is an artist In Santa Fe that usese animal/critter bones in almost all of her work. Her name is Kawana Edwards. I did ask her how she got such clean bones on her specimens. I can't remember the way in which she did the bone cleaning as it was rather invovled. She DID say that if you can't do it that way, let the bugs pick the bones clean is the next best method. I have her email if you want it; let me know. I just don't want to post her email here.

kdj said...

Luv the latest art! If you get some good bone-cleaning tips, do tell. I have a small stash of critters that need cleaning (And thanks to the others who've posted some bone tips, here)

Jen Crossley said...

This is a wonderful piece of art I think Australia agrees with you in Love and ART !!!
JUdy is such a naughty girl for proof reading your email and delating sensitive information LOL
cant wait till I do your class in Melbourne !! Not many sleeps now 49 and counting

kass said...

Thanks Michael, I have been a tad worried about that! See you in Melbourne!

~Izabella said...

oh my! I love your newest creation~ your mind is beautiful!!

jealous you are hanging out with Judy & Keith ...I want to come play too :)

xo ~Bella

Angie in AZ said...

The piece looks great... the dead bat looks gross! LOL! speaking of that piece, I have that same asian head in my stash! You accentuated it beautifully, of course. Love the piece. How big is it anyway? I'm guessing maybe 15 or so inches in length? It's a very cool piece with lots to look at. I hope you and Judy have a wonderful, meaningful time together.

Karen Cole said...


..your mind is a busy place.

Ro Bruhn said...

Great piece Michael, the Aussie colours seem to have left a mark.
Re the bat you might need to check out if you can get any nasties from it. I know if the fruit bats bites you when it's alive it carries a deadly virus, not sure what happens when it's dead, at least it won't bite.