Friday, October 12, 2007

New goodies at All Things deMeng

Christine at the Artists Nook has been working like a mad woman getting new things and product for the store as well as doing a bit of reorganizing. Bit by bit our store gets more and more surprises. Here are a few:

Just a small sampling of the goodies.
ciao for now,


Karen Cole said...

Hey you,

First of all, are you sharing that bottle of wine.

Secondly, the embossing tools....I've been doing reposse (sp) with copper sheeting for years. Is this what you are speaking of. I usually use some kind of pointed tool on a soft surface and draw. Think I need these???.....

Karen said...

you are too funny! love the descriptions, laughed out loud! It was great seeing you in portland & thanks for the doughnut adventure (kicking myself that i didnt get the pretzel guy) :) anyway- I wanted to send you this link:
he's a friend of my husband & his work is amazing. take a peak in the archives, i think you'll dig it ;)