Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sealing my Soul to the Devil

As some of you know I have been know for my addiction to the product
Liquid Nails, but what many of you don't know is that I have been
actively trying to find a less toxic, more enviro-friendly substitute.
The more I teach the more I worry about these issues especially in a not
so well ventilated area. I think I may have found some solutions
at your local hardware store....

Here are my discoveries...beginning with the coolest.

It's Red Devil QuickPaint Caulk
A styrenated siliconized acrylic caulk specially formulated for the
paint contractor that's paintable in just 30 minutes! Higher solids
reduce shrinkage. Adheres to most surfaces. 40 year limited warranty.
Interior/exterior use. Water clean up.
----Red Devil dries white but has a similar texture as Golden Light
Molding Paste. As many of you know I used to use Liquid Nails as a
texture...I find this stuff is actually better.

Another option is
Dap Alex Fast Dry
also dries white...

If you want clear try Dap Quik Seal plus
Premium adhesive caulk with MICROBAN® Antimicrobal Product Protection
fights the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on
the caulk. Specially formulated siliconized latex provides maximum
adhesion and flexibility for a watertight seal. Paintable. Easy water
clean-up. Low odor. Backed by a Crack-Proof Guarantee.

If you by the caulk gun size you will need to also buy a caulk
gun...don't worry they're cheap...4 bucks or so.

I'll be bringing these products to class instead of my lost love Liquid
Nail. I think you'll like them better

I know this may sound like heresy to those of you who know how I used to be
obsessed with Liquid Nails. Times change.

Also Golden makes some products you can Heavy Gel
Medium...this will take a bit longer to dry though, but does dry rock

see you
Michael deMeng


Julie said...

Thank you for this field test!

tejae said...

Can't wait for your class at Artist NOok. :) Lookin' forward to it. By the way, Judy's website is sooo awesome too. You guys are sooo cute together.

krCampbell said...

I was using Liq Nails for texture and as adhesive. Caulk is just for texture? I like the 'green' products too. Thanks for the research on these.

deMeng said...

I'm using it as an adhesive as well as texture...perhaps it is not as strong as L N and you might not be able to glue a big gear with it, but really you couldn't do that will L N either. Lighter things seem fine. Reinforce the heavy items...I think you could add a bit of L N then the Red Devil...also. At least this would reduce the amount of harmful stuff.

Jess said...

Thanks for thinking of our brain cells and the environment.

Elise said...

Thank you for the tips...very kind of you!

I see you will be teaching in Toronto...I live three hours away in upsate NY...I am planning on attending if there is still space...I have been wanting to meet you...

Elise B.

Karen Cole said...

I'm in shock......can't speak, can't write....too many dead brain cells.

Anonymous said...

Michael, thanks for the great info couple of questions, what do you use for large areas you need to fill? and what Resins do you use?
Steve Manning