Monday, July 23, 2007

Items found

Susie posted that she would like to see the objects that were found at the place I "never went to".

Yes, as Susie pointed out, very existential...

I hesitate to divulge any information this because it seems like some fairy tale where the objects that once named would cease to exist. I'm not sure if that is really from some fairy tale but, if it isn't, it should be.

On the other hand, I have heard theories that say the naming is what gives a thing existence and, for good or for bad, direction.

On the other hand the name is merely from the perspective of the other. One does not typically name one's self, so, is meaning only create outside of an object? After all it has always seemed to me that the self has more influence than the other. So, if this is the case then these things exist without ever being named.

On the other hand by divulging the identity of these objects from a place that doesn't exist then I would be reveling things that never really existed...and then I would have to question whether or not anything really exists outside of my experiences...its like Descarte's evil genius who creates a grand illusion that I call the universe.

Hmmm...what to do....hmmm.

Okay if the universe shatters because I reveal the objects from the place that doesn't exist, don't blame me. On the other hand, if the universe shatters, it may not really be shattering, it could be an illusion...what the hell...

Here's a photo of the objects that were collected.
Uh oh...well I warned you. Is it me, or did the universe just shatter?

Well you wanted an existential got one...though a bit weak...I could do better with more coffee and less heat.


Tonia said...

Excellent food for thought at 5 AM.

Alix said...

I counted four explicit hands, with two more implied hands. Hmmm.

I need more coffee.

krCampbell said...

huh? Looks like Spiral Jetty. Maybe it's just me.

Monica said...

Naming something can imply ownership/association... either of the thing or the experience.

Naming a stray dog, naming the hill you just climbed, naming a piece of art, more?

I'm with Alix, I need more coffee too.

J a n e said...


More coffee for me~


P.S. I guess I will be seeing you soon...

Susie said...

G'day, or night, or whatever time it might be in the non existent and un named universe, you seem to not exist in, that is if you are reading this.

I am not writing this now.

It was written in that same time space that ceased to exist during that last reported moment in time and that is when I heard it.

That guttural intake of life breath as something and someplace unnamed began to unravel in on itself. One would think it would be so loud a noise that it would wake the dead from their slumber but it was so quiet only those of us other non existent souls in other non existent places would be able to hear it.

And the silence was all consuming.

And from the silence un named life forms were created all over again; an almost imperceptible exhale and in that gentle breath of air other non existent places and non existent souls came forward waiting for their existence to be acknowledged by someone, anyone who might take notice of them.

So they waited and they waited, time passed without ever having any point of reference as to when it really all began. Until one day, other un named beings came along and gathered them all up.

They had no idea of where they were going or even how they got there but upon arrival, they found themselves being spread about a hard surface; an unnamed world that had been called 'the porch" and more time passed and then other unnamed beings began choosing them. Some of the unnamed objects were chosen and others were not; the unwanted objects from an unnamed universe remained content to wait. Time meant nothing to them. It didn't really exist.

Upon being chosen, the unnamed objects existence began to change. They had no control over their transformation, it simply happened at the hands of larger unnamed beings. The objects continued to change until at that moment in time when the nameless hands ceased to touch them.

They found themselves changed and the objects no longer recognized themselves or the unnamed place they had originally existed in.

They found themselves in yet an other new universe and they would never know if that universe was the end or just another beginning. They simply waited for another moment in time.

So there you go my commentary on the shattering of the unnamed and nonexistent universe.
Susie ((A figment of the imagination)