Monday, July 30, 2007

Mortal Coil

Hi gang,

Sorry, I've been so uninteresting lately...I've been dealing with some family stuff. Mom had a heart attack last week, fortunately everything is well and she is back to normal...luckily my dad was with her when it happened and managed to keep her going until the ambulance got there. Her dad died at 49 of a heart there is some pretty severe genetics going on there...I too need to take heed. All is well and she is out of the hospital and doing great. She actually looks better now than before the heart attack.

It's interesting how fragile life can be...if my dad wasn't there or whatever, the outcome could of been totally different. By the way the coat series on my site is about the fragility of the mortal coil. I did that series when my ex wife's mom collapsed. Fortunately she was fine but it made me realize how thin the line between life and death really is. I was reminded of this over the weekend.


Judy Wise said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've had this scare with your mother. Do take care of yourself too. (saying a little prayer for both of you)

idolatrieartist said...

Oh my Goodness!
I am so sorry-

I know ALL OF THIS far too well lately...

I have had enough dancing with Death lately! I think I will sit out for the next song~ my soul is tired.

Thinking of you and your family...
J a n e

jo and jacky said...

So sorry to hear of your Mums heart attack but sooo glad it has all turned out well. My Dad was very ill earlier this year, and it really makes you appreciate them all the more.
Take care of yourself!
Love Jo Stables xoxo

deMeng said...

Hi everyone,

I received a number of very nice emails and phone calls in the last couple days. I really appreciate the concern.

She's doing great. Thanks,

Vickie said...

A close call indeed! So glad your Mom is on the mend. Life is fragile and corny as it sounds, every day is a gift. The time we get to spend with those we love is precious and speeds by. All the best to all the family.


Sue Berry said...

When these things happen it makes you realise how fine the thread between life & death is. My friend recently became extremely ill and if it hadn't been for a friend's phone call she could have died. I always think "what if?" - is it down to fate or luck? Scarey stuff!

Thankfully my friend and your mum recovered. Thanks to whoever or whatever!

Sue x

Nicole said...

Ohhhhhhh dear, I hope your mum is feeling better now. This is horrible news.

Your jacket looks fantastic by the way.

XoXo Nicole