Monday, July 09, 2007

the Fool and the Decemberists

Hey guys,
Tarot TeaserComing Soon I will reveal the first four Tarot Card Prints (which will be signed and numbered). the Fool, Magician, High Priestess, and Empress are almost ready....with any luck they will debut at Art Unraveled. Stay tuned...soon they will be available at the online store.

Class Playlist
Speaking of staying tuned:
Here's another edition of deMeng's deMusic. In this episode:
I was talking to Traci Bautista the other night and she was headed to the Hollywood Bowl to see the Decemberists who were being accompanied by the L.A. Philharmonic. I was sooooooo jealous. I love these guys. Not to mention the leader of the band, Colin, is a Missoulian. I used to see him play at the local clubs, but in those days his band was called Tarkio. I'll see Bautista this weekend and find out the it was great!

In any event here's some samples:
Sons and Daughters
The Crane Wife 3


j a n e said...

AHHA~! Indeed- the Decemberists!
Jason and Lisa are going to see them this weekend I do believe. (Jason works down the hall from me now- and we instant message each other all the time. He was sending me links and all things Decemberists today! He is So excited!)

I will have to sit this one out- as Thomas goes under the knife on FRIDAY the 13th! Heheheeee... (Snip Snip! Hooohaaa!) I am sure I will be having a quiet weekend working in the studio and tending to him~!

Lovely cards!

Traci Bautista said...

hey there DUDE!!! your post came up on my google alerts...YOU missed an AWESOME show. They were outstanding and the LA Phil accompanying them was great. :) Actually, I really liked Andrew Bird who opened for them. See you in a few :)

big hugs..xo~Trace

Karen Cole said...

Love The Decemberists! Particularly, the cut "The Infanta" from the Picaresque disc.

Nice Tarot teaser!

Nice looking chicken soup, too! Hope you are well.

Jacky said...

Michael just started reading your book, amazing, love reading your thought process, much better than a how to book. Well done Michael.

kdj said...

The Decemberists are great! And, a college DJ alum (who was on our briefly-lived record label) produce their second album ... small world.