Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oaxaca Dia de los Muertos 2007

Okay, its begining to feel like Fall to me, which means that it is begining to remind me of the Day of the Dead. I wrote a little article in this months issue of Somerset Studios about some of my experiences in Oaxaca during this event.

Next year as many of you know a friend of mine, Colleen Darling, is orchestrating an art retreat during this grand event. Here's her letter:

deMeng de los Muertos

Once again Michael deMeng is returning to Mexico and invites you to join him in the magical city of Oaxaca, to create art and celebrate what is perhaps the most beautiful event in the world, Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. This year he will be conducting an assemblage class that teaches students to transform discarded cigar boxes into found object retablos and shrines. This class will incorporate a variety of techniques including collage, drawing, painting and, most importantly, assemblage. Anything and everything will be used to create this reliquary, (sawblades, gears, you name it). Of course, since everyone will be in Mexico, the land of found objects, everyone will have to be on the prowl for rusty goodies lying about. Along with the Cigar Box Retablos, the class will also create an ofrenda. Ofrendas are wonderful shrines that can be seen in homes, cemeteries, and local businesses; they honor family and friends that have passed away. Usually adorned with personal effects of the deceased, they are then decorated with marigolds, candles, skeletal toys, sand paintings, on and on. Truly amazing and plenty of examples will be visible throughout Oaxaca this time of year.

So join in the celebration…you will truly be inspired and amazed.
October 26- November 4, 2007
Colleen Darling
Home 805-688-1221
Cell 805-448-1509

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