Saturday, September 30, 2006


For those of you who don't already know, I will give you the skinny on glues. Liquid Nails is my glue of choice and there are three to consider.

I use regular Small projects (gold tube with red tab…the glue is beige). Strong and great for making chunky texture. Takes paint very well.

I use Liquid Nail Clear for areas that you don't want to disguise with paint. Useful on glass or lenses. Similar to E6000 and just as stringy.

Now if you really want to get serious a product that is stronger than either is Heavy Duty. You have to buy a caulk gun. It is similar to the Small projects regular but stronger, much stronger.(gold tube with blue)

A few things to remember that none of these are magic. They all have limitations. Remember the more you use the longer it will take to dry, though in the long run it will be stronger. As far as the heavy duty and the small projects regular, they work best if you aerate the glue…in other words stick your objects together then take it apart and restick them together (for some reason getting air into the glue helps it stick.) Also these beige colored glues tend to be a bit ornery in humid or hot climates, and take a bit more time.

The clear is a bit better in these type of climates.

I have yet to come up with the ultimate glue, someday perhaps.


Maija said...

You will be a very rich man if you can find the perfect, do-all glue!

Judy K said...

Thank you for explaining the glues! You inspired me to make my first anatomy man! It was so much fun!
Not anything like your awesome work but it was a learning experience.

Melly said...

Thank you for the glue tips! I have been thinking about glue alot. I have been working on these boxes and I think glue and a self leveling epoxy/glaze is in order.