Saturday, September 09, 2006


The wildfires are killing me. Man, I have had the worst case of allergies and headaches. Couldn't imaging what it woud be to live further south and closer to the fire. There seems to be a thin layer of light soot on everything these days, and the sky is pale yellow most of the time. Makes for amazing sunsets as well as blood red moons.
Heres a photo of the Derby fire (the big one, 250,000 acres). We have had a couple fires here in the Missoula Valley this year where the slurry bombers zoomed in to drop retardant. We've been fortunate, however, the fires were put out fast. Shot taken byMike Granger, a fire fighter.



Artist X said...

Hi Michael

I can definitely empathize with you. My allergies have gone wild since i received a film projector that i purchased on eBay. When it arrived the other day, it had large patches of visible mold [yuk!], and a horrid moldy odor emitting from it. As soon as i opened the box, my allergies flared up, and i have not felt right since then. And of course, the seller is denying any knowledge of this, even though a few other people have left her negative feedback in the past week, for similar problems. :(

At any rate, i hope you [WE!] feel better soon, and are now able to settle in for a season or two of doing what we all love the most.. creating!

ps. I love your sketches and your site update looks great. Your book will be released in time for my birthday and i am definitely going to treat myself!


Julie Coleen said...

Hey !
I thought I would introduce myself to you, and I'll tell ya why :)
I was looking at your website from Artfest's link.
I was hoping to go (but can't ...lack of fundage) and was bummed 2005 when I saw all your stuff at the vendors night, that I hadn't chosen your workshop.
Anyway I clicked on your blog from your website , and from that ,decided I want to try blogging and now I have a couple entries under my belt :) wooo!
p.s. just previewed my comment and I don't know how to not have my picture go along with my comment ...which in my opinion seems a bit vain , and I ain't trying to be. but thats me anyway.