Monday, June 21, 2010

Sketched-Out Monday...First Day of Summer

Hi all
another edition of Sketched out Monday.   Been busy trying to get caught up the week I've been home then off to Boston.   
While I've been home I've had a few projects I've been working on.  I was working on the prototype for my Purse'n Place or Thing Workshop in WA this Sept.  Then been working on some strange angels.  And then getting ready to leave for Boston at Absolutely Everything.  But I did manage to get a few sketches in through the week.

In a couple of cases I used sketching to solve some issues I was having with composition.  

Case One:
Strange Angel
I'm not going to go into great detail about this one because I have an entire blogpost that relates to a different issue that I want to talk about regarding this piece and the transformations it took.  What I will talk about right now is that one again a sketch helped make some decisions.  Here's the sketch...bare in mind, that in both cases the sketches were made while the piece was being worked on. They were in progress design tools.
Here's what I ended up with.
A couple of things changed.  The frame for one but that wasn't because of the sketch.  The main thing the sketch did for me was the grassy area.  It was bare down there...and needed something.  Originally  I had thought of fire...which was how the sketched then evolved into grass.   More on this angel in another post.

Case Two:
Purse'n Place or Thing.  I was struggling with the sample for the class for some time.  It's a class on purse's or satchels that are made of various items.  Couldn't quite get it right.  For the longest time I referred to the piece as the "!^*&**^%-er!!!".  Then I decided to pull out the sketchbook to assist in the matter and finally...I mean...FINALLY  the "!^*&**^%-er!!!" started cooperating.
Here's the helping sketch:
May not seem like much but it helped me add some crucial elements.  
Now here is the finished piece:

So what the sketch helped me work out was the side attachments.  The scroll holders.  I knew it needed something but wasn't sure what.    I no longer call it the "!^*&**^%-er!!!"  It is now called "Dream Keeper".  What a difference a scroll makes.

Well I hope you liked the sketchy little journey.

Wait!  One More Thing!  Not Sketchy but I have you

While I've got you here I should mention a class I'm teaching at only a couple places.  Urn Your Keep.  Yes that's right a mixed media housing else.  I wanted to do a mixed media coffin class, but time wouldn't allow (it's a very practical idea really, you use it a coffee table and then its there when you need it later...very handy)
Here's the sample, Urning Rubber:

Anyway I'm teaching this at Idyllwild in Southern California when I'm there July 8-11.  
 I'm also teaching it at Valley Ridge as well. 
Sure its kind of creepy....but I know you secretly kind of like the idea...don't lie.

Thats it
ciao for now


yona c. riel said...

very funny michael.. and i liked the idea when you posted it from Australia over xmas... yes indeed it would be interesting to make one's own urn for one's remains, but for me it might take a long time to finish it. i could see adding a little here a little there throughout the remainder of my artistic life. thanks for posting your sketches, it is always interesting to see how artists resolve their problems... yo

Shelly said...

All lovely, Michael (now that the little "!^*&**^%-er" is cooperating). I'm going to have to send the link to your blog post to my mom and dad. Why, you (might) ask? Well, back when I was creating wood pieces a la "Sticks" style, I told my parents that I wanted to create a "coffin table" that was a side table decorated with details of my life. There would be a door on the front with a spot inside the table to store my urn. Every time someone sat a drink on my coffin table, they could think of me.

Your urn is a much better execution (no morbid death row reference intended, ok...well, maybe a little intended) of the idea. And now I can show my parents that I'm not the only one who thinks up this stuff.

Enjoyed your post. Going to have to take that urn class if I get the chance. Cheers! -Shelly

Anonymous said...

I nearly always have to do sketches for a piece but then nearly always change my mind part way through the work :)
I really like the urn. I've left orders to be cremated but the urns are so sappy looking I'll just make my own. I'm 72 so it won't collect much dust LoL.

Momo Luna said...

Wow! your work is awesome! I love rusty metal, smutted paper, old wood etc... too. :-)

ArtSnark said...

fun post - great images