Monday, June 07, 2010


Lots of stuff in the news...lets begin..
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Remember the contest that Borders and my publisher were having.  The prize was the Anima Sola piece I made for Dusty Diablos.  Well the winner has been announced.  Woohoo! 
The winner is Pola L. of Los Angeles.  Congrats!  There were over 2150 entries.  Wow!

Next up:
I'm heading to New England to stir up trouble at Absolutely Everything in Topsfield.  This is alway a blast. I'll be there June 26-27....see you there!

Next Up:
A Handbag Class?  deMeng and handbags...yep it's true.  I'm heading to Snohomish to teach at a place called the Ranch.  If it's your bag come and join us.

Next Up
Well the word on the street is that I got into ArtFest.  Always a treat to teach there.  Registration begins by August 1.  See you all there.

Next Up:
Speaking of registration...Art and Soul has begun registration for Las Vegas.  Viva Las Vegas!

8 comments: said...

"The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself."
Anais Nin
if i had the money i'd be your groupie!! ;-)

Read Between The Lines said...

Michael, Maestro, I live not far from Snohomish and love it that you are coming to Washington! While you're here, I will have to show you Bernies Antiques, you will go AB SO Lutely Bonkers when you see it! Now, about that handbag ...

Holly Dean said...

Love those newspaper headlines and photos. You are such a clever boy (; And such a BUSY one!

Chris said...

Oh, I had no idea there was no separation between you and Batboy!

I can't wait to see your handbags. I'm sure there's an image somewhere, and I'm going to find it.

Have safe and enjoyable trips!

pola lopez said...

I am elated to have won the Borders contest. Received the SOLA ANIMA piece today, and absolutely love it!!! The book is also awesome and so inspirational. Hopefully you will come to LA and we can meet in person.
Thanks for the art...I will cherish it. Pola

deMeng said...

Congrats Pola
glad u like the piece and I'm sure it has a good home. Cheers

peggy gatto said...

I think I really need another purse!!!!
Seattle is not too far. I called for more info!!!

Buddy said...

I'm a fan. I just discovered this video that you must see:

The artist is Steve Korkis