Monday, June 28, 2010

Lists: Sketched Out Monday June 28 2010

While I've been on the road in New England I did do a number of sketches...but I was playing with a different medium in some cases.  I'm not much of a list maker, though I have a friend who is rather obsessed by the idea.  When I do make lists they often end doodled on and cryptic.  So  I thought I'd show you a few List Doodles I was doing.
These are lists that I created for the sake of the experiment.  

This one is a list of things I heard at a particular time in the hotel.
The next one was of the first five things I noticed when I sat down to doodle
and last I wrote out a list of the countries that I have visited.
It's not what's on the list that I find interesting but the doodle I do while I'm pondering a list.  This is how all my shopping lists look too.

Thought you'd like the variation for your Sketched Out Monday.


Beatnheart said...

your one trippin dude.

ODD imagination said...

This is usually how my lists end up as well. Plenty of doodles and little lists.