Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just in case you wanted to know...
There is an App for me.  That's right, I have published an App on ITunes.  
You can download it to your IPhone or ITouch. 
It is totally free and has current RSS feeds to my blog as well as Workshop Schedule and Exhibition Schedule. 
 I'm going to be adding a gallery section pretty soon.  So stay tuned for that.
In other words I have entered the world of super geek...but its kind of cool.
If you can't get enough of me...head on over  to ITunes or the IPhone App Store 
and then just search for "Michael deMeng's App-semblage".
Even if you just type "deMeng" you should find it.
Have fun.
M (super geek)


peggy gatto said...

Hey thanks!!!!
I got your new book the other day and boy, do I love it!
All the wonderful Oaxaca memories came back and the instructions where I can find them!!!!!!!
1 of the best trips ever!

marianne said...

droid me please :) need to know abt that new orleans workshop next year.....

rscoach said...

Downloaded the app on my iphone - it's really beautiful but it took almost 15 minutes to add to my phone and it seems to be really slow when I click on the various choices - just thought you'd like to know in case there's a way to correct it - but with all that said it's beautiful and know it took a lot of work - it's like having you with me 24/7 on my phone - yikes! ((((HUGS)))) Reva (Los Angeles)

deMeng said...

Hi Reva
mine seem to load fine. I think it is slow on the initial installation or when u refresh it. I'll bet it loads fine when u open it again.

Suze Weinberg said...

ok're in my Iphone now...just makes you that much cooler !!!