Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Everything coming up roses...

Once upon a time....
there was a little boy who like scary things ...his father read him scary books...his grandmother took him to scary movies... and he used to go to Disneyland all the time so that he could ride the Haunted Mansion ride.  That was me...yes indeed.  I spent much of my childhood in Southern California.  Born there in fact.  My grandparents had a contact lens biz "Crown Contact Lens" in Pasadena.  When I was a kid I remember going to the Rose Parade from there office.  The floats are amazing but really it is the smell that is spectacular. 
 Of course the didn't have any Day of the Dead floats, back then like they did in 2008.

So if  you're wondering why I'm being all nostalgic...it is because I will be heading back down that way to teach at Zinnia, 
I really haven't spent much time there since I was a kid, though, but it is always interesting to see how things have changed.  I'll actually be in South Pasadena though..close enough for me. 
 I'll be teaching Shoe Shrines, What a Relief, and Island of deMented Toys.  Should be fun.  Here's the contact:  

626 441 2181


While I'm there, the Wynns, Jane
 and Tom, that is   will be in town for a friends art opening. 
His name is Chris Cooper and will be showing at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City.  

Just got back from VA Art and Soul.  Super swell time teaching, hanging, and yes I did have a martini or two while I was there.  Also quite the adventure at Harpoon Larry's for dinner.  Here is the motley crew now including: the WynnsKecia Deveney and her friend Jane, Stephanie RubianoDan Essig, and the irrepressible Susan Lenart Kazmer


kecia said...

i'm glad you found the pic and used it, it's a fun one! i have to say, i just LOVED the haunted mansion when i was a kid (i was born in Garden Grove and lived in various towns through Cali as my father was military). i liked the part where the ghost look like they are riding in the car with you.

christygrant said...

ROFL, we heard about Harpoon Larry's from a guy that works at Embassy Suites. He said "where I can be guy". We GIRLS decided to go to the Surfrider instead!

Great shot!

peggy gatto said...

I see some familiar faces!!!
Looking foreward to end of may at asilomar!
As usual, your "students" look happy!!!!