Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From the past

Hey gang, 
 a sad note, a month or so ago a friend of mine passed away.  
Mike Ketcher a.k.a Neon Mike.    I hadn't seen Mike in over ten years, but it was quite a shock when I heard the news.  I wouldn't say Mike and I were super-close, but nonetheless, I always enjoyed Mike and his "laid back-ness", sense of humor, and good nature.

Another surprise came to me a few weeks back when I was contacted by his sister in-law, Janis.  She was in possession of three paintings  that Mike had purchased from me years and years ago.  Honestly, after all this time I had forgotten that Mike had been a patron of mine.  

Janis decided to keep one, but the three paintings are rather large so she wanted to see if I knew of anyone interested in purchasing the other two.

So here is the blast from the past.   These are the three paintings that she currently has from Mike's collection.
Janis wants to keep:
 Prometheus  47"x 61"
These are the two she is interested in selling
1.Chief  50"x33"
and my personal favorite from the early 90's era
2. Russian Film Noir  62" x 33.5" 
If anyone is interested in these bits of my past drop Janis a line and let her know.  You can reach her here: jaketcher@gmail.com

I've had some nice correspondences with Janis.  It just makes me sad that I hadn't talked to Mike in all these years.  Lesson learned.


Gypsy said...

It has been a tough year for loosing friends. Even when you keep in touch its hard...you are in my heart...

Loudlife said...

We lost a friend this year, too. I'm so sorry. The news is always a shock no matter how long it's been since you spoke.

HeArt Collective said...

unfortunately i know that feeling myself. be kind to yourself... keep in touch when you can... you know that saying about how some people come into your life for a moment, a season or a lifetime... all of them leave their impression on us...

thinkin' of you, dude...

Cre8Tiva said...

sorry michael...i learned this lesson a few years ago...i imagine the paintings will go rather quickly...blessings, rebecca

Vickie said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. It's true, we all think there's plenty of time but life has other plans sometimes. I know you'll remember him, maybe even do a little art in his memory. Friends stay with us even after they move on into the universe.
Peace and blessings.