Saturday, May 16, 2009

My very first book...Moon Monster

hangin' in Saluda NC teaching a workshop this weekend at Random Arts.
Great time as always.

In the mean time, here is a little interview I recently did for MMCA.  Learn all about my first book:  Moon Monster.

Here is the scoop on MMCA:
We have no headquarters, which is good for the heating/cooling bill. We have no boss, no timekeeper, and no employee handbook. Then again, we have no fixed income. What we do have is group purchasing power in a world market. We are diverse. You will find not only full-time professional artists among us, but an arts gallery owner, a stay-at-home-mom, several savvy business women and more. Most of them would not know any of the others if they met in passing because most have never met face-to-face. Yet, many of the members talk daily about issues affecting their business and given that the art world relies on disposable income; there is a lot to discuss these days. A passion for adventure, exploration and art unifies the artists involved in the MMCA Marketplace, a virtual store that went up as the Dow was crashing down. MMCA Marketplace is a retail fine arts and craft shop. Its member artists make art cards, mixed media collages, floor cloths, jewelry, sculpture, paintings on paper and canvas, photographs and much more.


peggy gatto said...

Great interview!
I admire your art.

Vickie said...

Ditto Peggy! I'd love to see a contemporary version of Moon Monster in assemblage :)