Thursday, April 09, 2009

Calling all Montanans, or Bozemanians, (or anyone who wants to take a workshop in my neck of the woods}

Back in Montana after a whirlwind tour of...well you name it.  The minute I got home....sick as a dog.  Amazing how you can stave of those cooties for awhile...then kabloooey and ahhhchoooey.  
Now home in Montana after a great time at Artfest (as usual), and now trying to get my book manuscript sewn up and some studio time between sniffles.

One thing that I haven't done a very good job mentioning is my upcoming workshop in Bozeman Montana.  Home of the Bobcats...rival college to my Grizzlies.  Thats okay, no hard feelings.  I'll be there May 9th and 10th, teaching "What a Relief" and "Island of deMented Toys" at the Bear Canyon School  Here's the place...
though in May it will have more green that snow...of course it is Montana, so you never know. Amazing.  I'm teaching in my home state twice in one year.  there's no place like home, especially when its Montana in Spring...purdy.  Hope to see some of you there.  Here's some more info on the place:
3077 Bear Canyon Road 

Bozeman,  Montana    59715 



posypusher said...

well-what can i say. i really dig campbell myth stuff so your new book on rusty things with the emphasis on all things mythic really caught my eye and got my imagination going. as a divorcee and feminist, i so relate to your story of the skeleton woman. ouch. to be discarded like yesterdays trash. but such is this life we lead in this oh so modern life.
anyhow keep up the good work and i hope to meet you in a future incarnation.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Hope you feel better soon - you have a full calendar!

See you in Hampton

Janine Matthews said...

I see your coming to Australia in Nov, how can I find out where, when, cost, etc

hope you get over your cold real soon

cheers ---from Down Under

Curious Curandera said...

Wishing you a Happy Easter!