Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vowels at the end of every word...mama mia

I'm baaaaaaaack...for a few days anyway. Back from the land of Olio de Uliva, the land of after dinner drinks called digestivos, the land traffic cops with white purses, an the land of really old stuff. Thats right, I am back from Italy Had a great time...great food...great drink...and a really, really great workshop are my peeps below. I just thought I'd throw a few pictures your way, for your amusment. This is where we had the workshop...not inside this building but on the grounds. Sunset right here....purdy. And here is the view from my apartment...which was totally awesome...except for the uphill climb...upside is that I am now ready for ski season. Okay we did get a bit of rain...but even that was cool...I love rainy cobblestone streets. After the class was over I decided to do a day trip to Firenze (Florence). Stacy (the organizer) was a little wishy washy at first "maybe I'll go...maybe not". Finally after a bit of persuading I convinced her to go. I had ulterior motives, Stacy went to school in Florence so I figured she would know some secret spots and cool things to see....and sure enough she did. The first stop was Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella...which was a surprise for me. It was one of the earliest apothecary shops in Florence, and still sell perfumes, soaps, etc. Here's the ceiling...I have a thing for Medusa...don't look. Here is a drawing room or study in the same building, and of course the cool cabinets filled with stuff I'd love to disect.

Now I said I had a thing for Medusa....this is one of my favorite statues. Celinni's Perseus Beheading Medusa. Amazing to see it in person in the Piazza della Signoria . I'm not quite sure what my Medusa thing is all about, and I know it didn't start with the Clash of the Titans, staring Harry Hamlin as Perseus. I think my fascination is that it is one of the most fantastical villains in all of mythology. Also in the Piazza della Signoria is the Fountain Neptune ...also quite impressive in person. And of course who could forget Michelangelo's David...which is a replica of the original now housed in the Accademia. Okay so I'll leave you with a picture of Neptunes butt. it time for a cafe and a Limoncell0...or two?


shelley in bigsky said... much fun...i bet we where both there at the same time...i got home on the 23rd...i totally forgot to contact you before i left for France and Italy in hopes of meeting up...your bigsky bud...shelley in billings

Sam Marshall said...

Very cool pics!

BoneFolder said...

DAMN it. If I'd known you were going to Florence I would have told you to go to two places: the apothecary you did see, and La Specola, which would have inspired you beyond belief. I'll have to post some of my photos so you can see them and weep.

See you in a week or so...

Stephanie Lee said...

Looks like an amazing adventure!! Would have LOVED to have been there with you!
We could have stayed up late visiting about our treasures found that day, about the wonderful students, and you would confess of your fascination with naked stone men. You can't deny it...not after this post. Don't worry least they're stone.

See you two very very soon!

Fishstikks said...

Italy is definitely a place I would love to be able to visit and I totally loved seeing the wonderful pics you took while helps, just a little.

Jane B. said...

Oh oh oh - I would have LOVED to have attended your class - perhaps another year? Italy is just a treasure trove of inspiration - did you get to Venice at all? I think you'd greatly enjoy it once you get past the tourist hordes in Piazza San Marco - the back streets are filled with wonderful shops and cool window displays, and it has a delicious slightly dark and decadent feel. Thank you for the great pictures of your finds. Jane

azirca said...

oooh look at that view... (and I mean the one out of your apartment window not of Neptune's butt!)

Italy looks amazing, both in it's history, architecture and quaint stores.

peggy gatto said...

Beautiful place to be, even in the rain!!!
I look foreward to day of the dead workshop coming up and busy trying to make some clay stuff for my shrine!

Jen Crossley said...

How awesome are the pictures.
PS ask Mr Lo bue about his cod piece in geelong??

Tootie said...

I was in Italy in 2001 and oh how I loved Florence! I went to so many little shops tucked into stone walls. Around every twisted cobblestone street was another adventure ready to be discovered! Looks like you had a good time too.

Anonymous said...

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glimmering prize said...

Oh MY God Michael- How inspiring and amazing!! the first shot of the Madonna and child shrine gave me goosebumps!!!

HeArt Collective said...

ah firenze! i'm glad that you had a beautiful trip... we loved that piazza della signora so much that we bought a little water color from a guy sitting there painting it... one of our favorite memories!