Monday, December 31, 2007

Get with the times

Hurry up you slow pokes...I'm well into 2008 and you guys in Europe and the US are still dilly dallying in're so behind the times.

I'm just waking up, nursing a bit of a hangover, so I thought I'd give myself a virtual Bloody Mary...feel free to reopen this post whenever the need arises.

Here's the real Bloody Mary...very sobering, indeed.

For New Years Eve, Judy and I went to a friend's party who is part owner of a few restaurants (in fact one of those restaurants makes an amazing Bloody Mary using muddled cherry tomatoes ....delish), and these restaurants just happen to have stunning views of the Sydney Harbour (how do you like that spelling). We had front row seats. Here's what we saw.
Now if you were down on the water...this is what you would have seen....

Happy 2008 everyone...come on it the water is fine


Vickie said...

Wowser! That is some light show!
I may be heading for that virtual Bloody Mary (the drink) later. The night is young but we may end up in Times Square this year. New York weather is fall-like today and confetti is a good thing.
Best wishes for health, wealth and happiness for 2008. Seems like you're on your way!

Judy K said...

Happy New Year Michael and Judy!

I just got my Cloth Paper Scissors, what a great article on Judy and so interesting. Her work is very thoughtful. Wonderful.

I like my little poloroid and need to frame it in a box frame.

Well..have a fun weekend!
Here's to a Happy, Healthy..New year!

Judy K

Crazy Art Girl said...

Happy New Year, Michael and Judy! I just got my CPS today and saw the article. Great article and wonderful eye candy. Just finished up steak, lobster, and crab! Waiting for the new year to come! Wish I was there for the fireworks. Be well.

Rhonda S said...

What a wonderful view... upon waking that is almost the exact picture I caught out of the corner of my eye! It still isnt New Years here, only 7:24

kris said...

cnn had a video or Sydney's celebration. Amazing!! And I thought NYC's was good. At least in Australia you don't have to stand out in the cold. :>)
Happy New Year to you and Judy!

Bernie Berlin said...

Happy New Year!!!

jenw said...

uhm... Harbour is ALWAYS spelt this way. ;) Wishing you a year filled with inspiration Michael.

Paula Scott said...

OMG. How amazing! Here's to a New Year filled with infinite possiblilites.

Gretz said...

hi Michael,
Amazing photos! It sounds like you are falling in love with Australia??? Soon you'll be singing waltzing matilda ;-)

Looking forward to your classes in Melbourne!

I *like* the spelling - now use the word colour in your next post ;-)

Art on the Edge said...

Ah HA! I am so pleased to have discovered your blog. Your work has inspired me, as a mixed media/assemblage/jewelry artist for about a year (maybe 2) now. I look forward to seeing what you are getting up to!

Colette said...

Hello Michael I am writing to ask do you give any classes or online classes in Sydney?

I've fallen in love with altered art (books)ATC's etc etc etc and am a beginner.

I feel Sydney is a dry oasis of shops and classes or they're all hidden!