Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dallas and a little press

Hey all,
I'm in Dallas teaching some workshops for Cheryl and Megan at TEN SECOND STUDIOS. While I was away my local paper did a spread on me. Check it out if you like. The reporter followed me around while I did some junking. It was a pretty fun day.
and a book review

Missoula Secrets of Rusty Things book signing Sept 14th at Liquid Planet 5-7. more info to come,




Steph said...

Great paper ! It was nice to learn a bit more about your junk hunt and such !

BoneFolder said...

I loved the journalist's perspective on it: "He bought a golf bag without even checking to see if the wheels turn."

The junking excursion ("junket?") and the photo of your studio were both almost exactly as I had imagined the they would be. For some reason this surprised me.

--Mike Jennings (yes, from AU)

Tara Finlay said...

Does it still spin? (my husband wants to know.)

azirca said...

What a great article, thanks for posting this Michael.

I had a bit of a giggle when I read the bit about the golf-club cart, purchasing it solely for the brass plate, yeah... I can most definitely relate.

Oh, and I approve that you take coffee with you when you go junking! I'm not a morning person so if I'm getting early out of bed to venture into the cold frosty morning I most certainly need to partake in some coffee, it's the rules.

kecia said...

if i pretend to be a journalist, can i go junking with you?

the article was great by the way - i always buy stuff like that and people always say "what are you going to do with it?" shrugging is the best answer!


Jen Crossley said...

Great Article Michael,Oh the thrill of Junking My Favorite pass time,Im storing up for your class in Oz next Feb
Take care

Deb L said...

So I guess my having bought a 50 pound typewriter just for the metal name plate on it isn't so whacky. huh? Oh yeah - the keys...
Great article and review - I'm thinking one of your most endearing qualities is how open and available you are to the rest of us! Deb

Pamela Chiasson said...

I love the fact that I can click a button on my computer and be exposed to such wild art! I really appriected your comments on when you sit down to create. The whole process of love and hate with the object in front of you! I go thru that everytime, this battle that goes on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts made my day!
be well

LINDSAY said...

Hello- just found your blog while visiting Judy's Numbers. I love the headline "makes stuff out of junk"...Looking at your art makes me wonder why I throw anything away..if we were neighbors I would feel compelled to give you my trash, I mean that in the nicest way. Keep those creativity wheels turning...