Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Big Commish and More Creative outlets

Howdy pards,

so I'm done with the commish and shipped it off to Australia today. Judy gets it next and adds a bit of her magic to it. Now I know I promised showing some photos but because its a gift I need to wait until after mid Oct. to do so...just in case. Hang in there...I think it turned out better than I imagined...hopefully the client will agree. Fingers crossed...this is the scary part of commissions...they are usually my most successful pieces but man it is a hell of a roller coaster. I swear there were so many times during the process where I would say to myself "who are you call yourself an artist" fortunately (as it always does) everything worked out, but that never changes the internal dialog. It can be downright nasty...but hey, I won.

Off to Fort Collins CO tomorrow. I'll be teaching at the Artist's Nook...this is Christine's (my business partner) store. Should be fun...they do have some good pubs there...what do expect from a college town.

Lately I've received a number of emails inquiring about smaller works for sale. At the moment I don't have many left in my possession, but there are a bunch at Gallerie Chiz in Pittsburgh. They have the Creative Outlets (I stole this name from Karen Cole...thanks Karen who is in Italy right now...have fun). Check out the gallery here...and here's what they have:


Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing these pieces for sale. They are beautiful . . . naturally. I can't wait to see you collaberative work with Judy. A better match I can't imagine. Do you ever teach on the east coast? I love Montana, but it might be a commute for an afternoon. I love your work too.

Jen Crossley said...

Michael the pieces for sale are amazing .Im sure you collaberative piece with dear Judy will be awesome.I think we all question ourselves about the art we create,I think we are our own worst critic!!!

Stephanie Lee said...

Wait....YOU? You have an inner critic, too?'re work is so amazing? How could that be?!?!?! :) As much as I wouldn't wish a harsh inner critic on my worst enemy, I do get a sick satisfaction knowing that you, of all people, have one too. Maybe yours and mine could go hang out at one of those Colorado pubs for a while and leave us alone.
I'll be teaching in Fort Collins in November! Make sure you leave enough creative juice with the folks there to still have the energy to take my classes!
Have a great time and I'll see you in Portland???...

-Stephanie Lee

Kristen Robinson said...

I am on pins and needles cannot wait to see the finished piece no doubt it will be incredible!

It was such fun to see your Creative Outlets you constantly amaze me with your use of materials and of course the composistion and subject matter is always so exquisitely put together.



Ro Bruhn said...

Look forward to seeing the collaborative work with Judy. I love your collection of assemblaaaaaages. I've been gathering lots of creative ingredients, I just haven't had time to cook anything up yet, but it will happen.

Karen Cole said...

I choose to think of "creative outlets" as a collaborative piece.:-)
Every time someone sees the ones I bought from you they say"Oh wow, did you do these?!"....and I have to say well.."no" it's a Demeng!.....but I did suggest the name. It p@#$%s me off!!! the nicest way, of course.

Thanks for the mention.

-Karen ;-)