Saturday, July 28, 2012

deMeng'd Dictionary

Those of you who have taken classes from me are well aware of my inventive use of words…not in the same way my father has an inventive use of words (i.e.  **$%&!!!).   In my case, I invent words or reformulate words to suit my needs…after all they are my words…I can do what I want with them.

For fun, I decided to do a blogpost each week highlighting a word or expression from the deMeng'd Dictionary.

This week you get two words.  Let's start off with the word that every student of mine should know:

uszhhh!!!  (yoozh)
A color combination of Qunacridone Gold and Black used to give an illusion of antiquity. Called the uszhhh!!! because it is what Michael deMeng "usually" uses.

the act of antiquing a piece of art using Michael deMeng's favorite paint recipe: I must uszhhh this toy squid to make it look old.

And here is a bonus word for the week

floo·ey  (floo-ee)
adj. floo·i·er, floo·i·est 
The physical characteristic of paint or glue in which the consistency lies somewhere between fluid and gooey: flooey glue


Pam McKnight said...

what a great idea! and we can fondly remember your classes when reading.

Dave Hunter said...

Sure hope you'll have "suckiupiness" in there, it's a classic!

Helen said...

yes surrr- e - bob! this is classic!

Squiddy said...

Aha! flooey obviously related to flu-ey, being the (similar) consistency of nasal-uzzzh ( a combination of quinacridone gold, and Pthalo turquoise with a little black)

Darlene K Campbell said...

Will look forward to future nonsensical words.Fun!