Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busier than a Jumping Bean On A Set of Bongos

I've been as busy as a jumping bean on a set of bongos.
It's been a fun yet exhausting tour...but now I can rest...ish.
Cleveland, Eugene, Portland, Pasadena, Idyllwild, Wisconsin in a month.  Not to mention...trying to keep up with the Art Abandonment activity.  Holy mackerel! (an expression I have never used before).  If you don't know what I'm referring to...check out my blogpost

Los Angeles and Vicinity
My workshops at Zinnia, in S. Pasadena were a blast.  In fact, one really cool aspect about that class...we held it in an abandoned chemical laboratory.   
Creepy rooms (straight out of Dexter) with alarms, and quarantines signs, and hose down stations....eerie.  
Also on that trip...my friends, Marci and David Donley took me to a few of their favorite L.A. haunts.
Dapper Cadaver
The Dresden Room

Next stop:
A great time with my peeps and a special treat for my class attendees by Betty Ginsberg...a little soiree...featuring her very musically inclined family and friends.  Elvis, Neil Diamond, and the Moldy Peaches never sounded so good.  Thanks Betty and Pete!

Valley Ridge Art Studio.  
My darling wife Andrea was busy teaching there whilst I was down in Southern Cal...so met up with her and our good friend Katherine Engen...for workshops and a few too many dreaded yet delicious cocktail's dubbed "the Katherine".  Kapow!
Katherine, Andrea and myself, spent quite a lot of time planning upcoming events....2013 and beyond.  Most of you already know about the New Orleans retreat, 
Here are a few other oddities that Katherine is organizing with Andrea and I:

Salty Sea Dogs and Sumptuous Sirens - a duo class with Andrea and myself during the famous Coney Island Mermaid Parade           June 17- June 23 - Andrea will be doing sideshow banners and I will be doing the sea-beastie masks for the parade.   We then take to the Boardwalk and walk (or swim) in the parade!  Woo Hoo! More info soon

Something Wing-ed This Way Comes- Specters, ghosts, and other winged things in the land of Lady MacBeth...Edinburgh Scottland - dates TBA 2013

The Curious Carousel of Maginificent Mysteries - duo class (Andrea and myself) at Valley Ridge 2013- date TBA -collage-semblage merry go rounds

And don't forget...
Art Unraveled is just around the bend...Scottdale AZ

Mad Alchemist's Construction Guide
Online Workshop is getting rolling next month 

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Parabolic Muse said...

omg, Michael (if I may be formal), I'm so sorry I couldn't do Zinnia. We are saving every drop of drips for our 2 week trip to London, Wales, Scotland, and I won't be there when you are. I'm going to try to go to Jenny's. I have to check it out. I want to (disrupt) take a class of yours!

That's not why I called. I am AMAZED at all the things you have been doing!! How are your electrolytes?! And do you not love the L.A. haunts? this is groovy stuff. There are so many spookies here. You have good friends. I'm going to watch videos, now. bye.

the captcha word is onspote. you should make captcha words into deMeng dictionary entries. Anyway, as I was typing it in, it occurred to me that I never got back to you about a memorial piece for my brother (and my mother). But it is just too much to think about. There's a lot of baggage I thought I was okay with. But I'm not. It's very hard and the time doesn't feel right.

Am I still talking?