Friday, November 12, 2010

SnowBirds Take Flight and Unite

You know......Winter is coming.
And it's supposed to be a doozie of one.
So why not head south in January?  Where?  Well, what about Arizona?

I'm doing a 3 day workshop down in the Tucson area at Expressive Arts Studios located at the Amado Territory Ranch.  This place is cool...
Restaraunts and an Inn
and from January 19-21 I'll be there! 
I'm offering a 3 day intensive workshop called Trashy Novels for all levels...beginners to advanced.  You'll learn lots of assemblage plus my various antiquing effects using paints and some other surprises.
Here's the class description:
"A book is simply the container of an idea-like a bottle; what is inside the book is what matters" - Angela Carter  

Well, not always..

In this 3 day class we will challenge the above quote by using the entire book form as a piece of art, both interior and exterior. Using hardback books that have been modified to form boxes, students will create mixed media shrines. This class will incorporate a variety of techniques including collage, drawing, painting and, most importantly, assemblage.  Anything and everything will be used to create this found object digest, (saw blades, gears, you name it).  So, time to curl up with a good book, but be careful, some found objects can be pointy.

see you there


Tumbledown said...

Awesome...I'm from Arizona...will see if I can get down to Tucson, during that time. Would love to see your work in person..

LM said...

Arizona in January is like satin, Champagne and whole palette of fresh pastel colors. What a perfect time to retire from the world and settle into art. Genius!

Parabolic Muse said...

AH. I just punched in a comment on your site asking about your Vegas class, and here's one for Tucson! great class description. I hope I can make this one.


Thespoena McLaughlin said...

Would so love to make it to Arizona, your arwork is very inspiring.

ArtSnark said...

Looks like a grand time- love the snow miser by the way