Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Santa Clops is Coming to Missoula

I often get asked whether I teach classes in Missoula...well it is true that I occasionally do but not very often.  Coming This Holiday season I will in fact be teaching in Big Sky Country.  What will I be teaching you may ask?  What sort of Holiday experience could I possibly create?  Well  I'm teaching a class called "Orna-deMentia".
Here's the skinny:

Well “Ho Ho Ho” and all of that stuff.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas, but then again it was looking that way in early August when the Holiday items started to go on display at Michael’s Craft Stores.  Now it’s really on the way and I have to tell you a little secret…move a little closer…move a little closer…I’m not much of a Seasons Greeting kind of guy, now if it involved vampires and werewolves I’d be all in…but cute little snowmen singing Burl Ives songs just never flipped my cookies.  This got me thinking…I can’t be the only one who wouldn’t mind a bit of subversiveness added to the Holidays.  So I’m proposing something Polar Opposite of the North Pole, something a little off kilter.  A class of making Orna-deMents using found objects, weird thingies and discarded toys.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Get ready for Santa Clops or perhaps Santa Claws and his friends (I mean fiends)…bwa ha ha ha ha….I mean bwo ho ho ho ho! 

 I've created a little series called the Polar Opposites...Santa's Evil Bro...Santa Clops..wreaks havok...yee haw!

How to attend:

Where: Zootown Arts Community Center235 N. 1st St. W., Missoula, MT 59802

When: Saturday, December 4,  10am - 5pm
How Much: $70
Why:  Because you're looking for something trippy to decorate your tree with 
How to Pay: Head on over to PayPal

email me at:
See you there


Anonymous said...

Slay bells ring,
are you listening?

Parabolic Muse said...

holy holly berries, this is PERFECT. I've never seen Missoula. Is it on the cool side in Dec?

Thespa McLaughlin said...

WOW! Brilliant!

Kim Palmer said...

What a hoot this class would be. I love the idea of messin with the xmas jollies, LOL! Keep up the deMengted ideas!

Anonymous said...

Michael,you have heard Arlo Guthrie's song about Santa, haven't you? Goes something like..."Santa Claus wears a red suit, he's a communist. Has a beard and long hair, must be a pacifist".... and so on. Your words about your Christmas feelings made me thing of this.