Monday, September 27, 2010

Sketched out Monday - Wake Up on the Bright Side

Hi there from the land of unseasonably warm weather.  The East Bay has been nutty hot!

Been crazy busy with classes but managed to get a few sketches done in the hotel...can you guess where.



HeArt Collective said... not the Dazed Inn, huh?

Thespa McLaughlin said...

Love them both but the second one with the wings and scratch pad resonates. Awesome!

Karen Cole said...

You are too much. Love these little LaQuinta sketches.

I MUST somehow get me one of those bottles of wine. I am headed out to Sonoma at the end of October for business, do you think the vineyard will still have some? I can't ship to Pennsylvania. Liquor is controlled by the state here...sounds creepy doesn't it.

Also....I just got back two weeks ago from Burlington staying with my friend Elizabeth, a gem and someone else like yourself, that just vomits creativity.....she had a few of us up to her house on lake Champlain....including Judy Wise. Wish it could have been the weekend of your workshop, which she is attending. Vermont is the west coast of the east. We had a great time.