Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lonely Hearts

As you know Valentine's Day is just around the bend.  I have just finished a few little goodies for the occasion...I call them my Lonely Hearts.  I should mention that each one has a little limerick associated with it that I penned.  I have it attached on the back.  

If you're interested in any of these...
I just opened a shop on Etsy (took me long enough).  These little guys are listed there...or rather here:
Each one is a found object assemblage that has been mounted in a little box which is ready to hang on the wall.  The sizes are all 3"x3"x1.5"

There once was a dainty flower name Sally,
Who fancied a young Captain, stowing away in his galley.
Hiding in a sack of flour,
Sally was baked for an hour
And found herself having crusty finale.

There once was a poor bloke named Jed,
Who, one morning decided to be unwed.
He kicked out his wife,
Not noticing her knife;
Needless to say he is now dead.

There once was a woman named Sue
Who said: “With men, I am certain, I’m through”.
Tying her boyfriend up tight,
She hopped on a flight,
And threw him out of the plane over Peru.

There once was a man named Hieronymus.
Loneliness and sadness his name was synonymous.
He fancied a red dressed madam,
Who referred to him as Adam.
Which sounded better than calling him Anonymous.

There once was a inventor named Tom
Who worked for the King making bombs.
His wife poured him some wine
Or so she thought at the time,
But it turned out to be a rare vintage of Napalm.

There once was a girl name Aphrodite;
Named after the Greek goddess almighty.
For each day of the week,
A different man’s physique;
In fact I’m penciled in for next Friday.

There once was a starving artist named Thad
Who loitered in cafes with his sketchpad.
He penciled a frail Parisian miss,
Who he then tried to French kiss;
But the stiletto in her purse made him wish he never had.

Once again if you're interested you can find them at my Etsy store


Andrea Saujani said...

My friend Michael has a great blog
Where one can find great dialogue
About monsters, demons or an unfortunate bloke
But with valentines now, well I just might go broke
Buying these treasures he's trying to flog

Etsy here I come - these are great Michael!

Chris said...

Well, you don't need ME to tell you how wonderful these are. Your works actually impel me to SEE and THINK while enjoying them. It's an active sort of appreciation. Thanks for always inspiring me, and for sharing your updates on FB. I hope I can take one of your classes at Zinnia, this time. I'll be in Maui April 23..

zoe said...

oh, man--these are great. and anyone who can write a limerick rhyming the name hieronymous gets big points.

BurningRubber said...

Those are awsome! Who knew limeric's cou be so...evil. LOL

deMeng said...

Stylin' limerick Andrea. Very nice indeed...I was going to do this comment in limerick form...but I'm about limericked you can imagine.

Seth said...

Very cool creations!

Patricia Chapman said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Etsy Michael! And what a grand entry you have made with these deliciously dark hearts.

marianne said...

gave me a smile to start the week. great art & love the stories...

Dale said...

congrats on your new etsy store. i'm sure these babies will fly off the shelf.

Anonymous said...

Simply Brilliant!

Jo Horswill said...

Hi there Michael DeMeng, hope all's well with my fellow outback travelling partner! Hey nice blog!
You have been busy creating! these hearts are great, but I don't see any ochre :)...I haven't been doing much other than wrecking piano's!!! You put me to shame in the art department. Glad I found you here...I'll come back and visit again...:)

Sanja said...

Glad I found your blog! Fantastic pieces!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

I wish I knew of a SUE who just broke up...I love it!! I have a daughter SUE but she just got not sure that would be the exact message to give to a new


Karen Cole said...

Best valentines I've seen. The limericks are a great addition to your amazing repertoire.

I'm always amazed at how those rusty wheels and pulleys in your head continue to create such magic.

What are you teaching at Shelbourne? The sight doesn't seem to have the info. My friend Elizabeth lives nearby in Burlington.

Happy new year!!

ArtSnark said...

great fun!

Jen Crossley said...

awesome as always Michael Love them all

Mija said...

Wow, you really are selling Valentines! I thought Yona was just spoofing on me. Apparently i don't get out much anymore. Your fans finally screamed loud and long enough for you to open an etsy shop, Yay!