Sunday, September 27, 2009

Underworld and Interview

Hey everyone,
thanks for the really nice responses on the Lilith piece. For those who didn't hear, I am bringing it to Portland Art and Soul with me next week. I'll have it at vendor night and certainly around for the classes to see.

I also wanted to mention that I do have a piece in a Dia de los Muertos exhibit at the Guardino Gallery.

There will be a procession and opening on the 29th of Oct. I won't be able to attend, I'll already be hanging in cemeteries in Oaxaca for the deMeng de los Muertos workshop. Sounds like a great show...if you're in the area check it out. Here's the list of events

I put in my Mictlantecuhtli (Aztec God of the Underworld) Play Set. He can rule the dead in and you can take him out to play with too!

Another thing I wanted to share with "all y'all" (as they say in the South) was an interview I did with Alison Lee at CraftCast.

I spent about an hour talking art and other related mumbo jumbo. You can listen to the interview HERE.

See some of you very soon in Portland Art and Soul. Then at Tangerine in the Bay Area....and then I'm heading south...Oaxaca...woo hoo


Sue McGettigan said...

Amazing fun! Are those teeth lining the chamber?? I'll be heading to Olvera Street for DDLM, I'd love to be joining you in Oaxaca for some creative creepiness and rust hunting, but duty calls here in la la land.

Anonymous said...

i'm very excited for the Dia de los Muertos exhibit too -- it's just a stone's throw from my home. your piece is fantastic and i cannot wait to see it in person! i'll be lurking around lilith on vendor night too, of course. such a fantastic, amazingly detailed piece. can't wait!

Ludid said...

i am new to your work; alison from craftcast's interview guided me here. your work certainly creates some dissonance. what i loved about your interview with alison is the background information you gave regarding your creations specifically "lilith". it helps me to view your work more openly.

Nishant said...

I'll be heading to Olvera Street for DDLM, I'd love to be joining you in Oaxaca for some creative creepiness and rust hunting

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peggy gatto said...

Say michael, I am looking forward to seeing you in dublin(20 minutes from me) for Island of demented toys. I will be able to complete my "assemblage" that I started with you at art and soul in Asilomar! I have a post on my blog of what I have completed and what I will be finishing!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.