Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One More Monkey Note

Thanks for your many comments on the Sacred Monkey post. By the way, Vickie left a nice comment with a little myth from the Dayak tribe referring to the creation of orangutans. Check it out in the comment section of that post.

The piece is coming along swimmingly (Joe and Dalynn will be glad to hear this).

One thing that I find really mysterious - beyond the finding of the Sacred Monkey - is WHO, and under what circumstances did someone place the monkey on that step (by the way it seemed quite obviously placed and not dropped). That is the mystery that now consumes me. Of course it is the mystery of any found object...that's what makes them so interesting to me.

Enough monkey shines. Back to work.

the above image is Hanuman. Hindu monkey/man who led a monkey army against the demon King Ravana.


Judy said...

monkey see
monkey do

michelle renee bernard said...

I think it fell right side up! The Universe is funny like that.

Randy Hill said...

If you think about it too much, it will drive you completely nutz. Don't do it. ;)

Sam Marshall said...

Very cool pic!

Robin said...

Just wondering--what was the rest of the inscription you put in my book--got the first part, can't make out the last... a quote from the Tempest.
I've been home what, two weeks and only today have put most things back where they belong... then to wonder exactly what it was I brought home.
And uuge (uuuse?) I took good notes but not good enough--remind me the color combinations??
Cool about finding the Universe's Monkey. Who could ask for better luck (timing?)
Keep yer eyes open!!
San Antonio, Tx

glimmering prize said...

you don't need strange little- mystical, gypsy me to tell you the the universe works in odd ways- but like randy said- you really shouldn't think about it too much- it will drive you nuts and you will end up a little bonkers (like me)

BTW- i just found out that i am designing costumes for a portion of the Wizard of OZ- I get to do Glinda, the witched witch, the witch guards, and yep, you guessed it the flying monkeys- (insert theme to the twilight zone here...)

Chris said...

This monkey-man must have gone to the gym on a regular basis! I wonder if it was nautilus or free weights?!

among found objects said...

Came across your blog while looking for books I would like for the holiday. Really enjoyed and related to you work. I will be back to see more.

Nicolette Tallmadge said...

Sorry to do this, but I'm cyber-tagging you! Check out the rules on my blog to participate! http://www.craftedweb.com/blogs-and-blogging/tagged-im-itare-you-next/

donnaj said...

one question about the monkey photo:WHAT is the red pile by his feet-under his butt?