Friday, May 23, 2008

a few workshops on the horizon

Howdy gang...
a little biz to take care of...
I'm teaching some workshops in the the next few months that might be of interest to some of ya'all...(I just got back form the south).

Boston area
Absolutely Everything
Topsfield, MA
May 30th - June 1st 2008

I'm teaching "I want to paint like Mike", Morpheus Box, and Transparency Collage-seemblage

Stamp Act
Marshfield, MA
June 7th - 8th 2008
I'll be doing the gool al' reliable Pez dispensing Tetem class, and Head Sea

Then off to Colorado in July
Artists' Nook
Fort Collins, CO
July 18th -20th 2008
In this bunch of classes I'll be doing a 2 day Found Object Alchemy class, the Morpheus Box Class, and the Transparency Collage-ssmeblage class (a.k.a. I can see clearly now)

Hope to see you guys there...


Next post will be what ever became of all those typewriter parts from the previous post....stay tuned.


Carol said...

Do you have any plans to do a DVD, as I would love 'To Paint Like Mike' but living in the UK there is not much chance of me getting to a class

Neda said...

Is it possible to get your extended teaching schedule for Fall'08? Going to Europe this summer but I would love to plan for a future class with the MASTER! Thanks!

Dale said...

this sounds so cool. I would love to try an assemblage class with you sometime. Any chance of you venturing just a little further north, into Canada? Really... we're quite friendly hahaha. Even to Saskatchewan? I can dream...

Judy K said...

Wooo wooo! Boston is where I am and Topsfield is where I'll be taking two of your classes! I couldn't make the Paint like Mike class though Just too much for me physically.

I never got the materials list from the shop. And since this is the first time I have taken a class from you I'm not sure of what to bring.
Would you email me with that info?