Friday, February 22, 2008

A weekend in California and back again...

Sorry about the delay in posting....been kind of a whirlwind couple of weeks...and I don't have much time to post today but in a nutshell....
Flew back to L.A. for CHA had a great weekend trip doin demos for my publisher Northlight. Saw old friends, Claudine, Bernie, Carmi, the Wynns, my Northlight buddies..Greg, Tonia (my editor), Jessica, and Justin....I could go on and that was fun.

Went to the Getty Museum...great space...though a little disappointed that there wasn't any modern art. Bring your sunglasses...the place is so white that in the California sun you could go snowblind because of the brightness.

Also went to the Billy Shire Gallery in Culver City (an offshoot of La Luz de Jesus) in Hollywood...those of you who are familiar with Juxtapoz magazine will know of this place.
The Wynn's and I went one afternoon and managed to see some of Liz McGrath's work (it's larger in person than her book makes it out to be). But I picked up a great book by Daniel Martin Diaz...Mysterium FidieWonderful new twist on old themes. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Here's a link to it if you wish to purchase it

Workshop in Narrabeen was great! camera. But I had a great time, I met some great folks and we may be doing it again this June...keep you posted. Thanks to Janine.

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Jen Crossley said...

Well you really are a International man of Travel.Hope you enjoy the last couple of days with Judy.
Wish you guys could of come to the swap meet with Greta and Me yesterday an Awesome time was had.
It has been a pleasure to meet you Michael and get to see inside that amazing head of your's
Take care and safe flight