Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More of Dr. Cyclops' crazed experiments

Hey Guys, how bout some more mutations?
As promised here are some more lab experiments for ya. Here is the latest from my "Zoo-illogical" series. A man-agerie or sorts.

Dr. Cyclops-Self PortraitHe's got the whole world in his hand....
Man-Cow Disease
he's so fine...he's so bovine....

Elephant ChildThis one is based on the Hindhu deity Ganesha.
Those tusk-like things are actually devil's claws...I've talked about being sent a bunch of these strange pods in previous posts. They have even come in handy here in Australia.

Rhino Racer
Wind him up and watch him go....weeeeeeeeee. I don't think rhinos say "weeee"...
Boxer RebellionWhat's not to love about this guy? He's tough...he's cool and he's in your face. By the way those things on the corners of the frames are teeth...dentures.
He'll knock your block off....POW!

El Torro's Revenge
I have also called this : the Running of the Man. For you Aussies ...notice the Footy goal in the background.
Mary Kay-9 Cosmetics

This one reminded me of Sarah Jessica Parker in Mars Attacks. It's even the same hair-do, though her head was transplanted on the body of a chihuahua...this is more of labrador

Thats it for the Cyclops creations.

MelbourneI just got back from Melbourne. Had a great time teaching workshops out there. Thanks Marg, Kathy, Caro, and Con. Ate well...Junked well (thanks to Jen Crowsley who took Judy and I to some secret haunts in the area)...hey what can I say...I'm hooked on the junk. Looks like I'll be back next year. Thought I'd offer some links to some of my students blogs....this is what they're saying.

and here's some more photos from the event here

CHA 2008

I'm off to L.A. for a little less than a week for CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) in Anaheim. If you're attending, stop over to the F&W Publication (Northlight) booth and say hey. I'll be doing demos on Sunday and Monday. Not looking forward to the flight....yikes.



Jen Crossley said...

Your new series look's wonderful; I can just see you in your Lab coat, disecting things.
Your class was amazing Michael, your such a wonderful teacher, and a great junk shopper as well.
Till we meet again amegio!!

azirca said...

WOWZA! is that even a word?
These are so fabulous Michael, I love them all. The titles that you have given them are very humorous and clever indeed, fantastic!

Your classes in Melbourne sounded like they were so much fun and that everyone had a great time, wish I could have been there.
I'm about to check out your students links now, thanks for posting them.

Have a safe trip to L.A.

Tina said...

Crazy stuff...Did you know at Texas A&M, they have cows with PORTHOLES, like the one you did?? The truth is stranger than fiction??!!! Love your stuff!!

Kathy said...

Fantastic Michael, very cool.

Thank you for the great classes, they were such fun and we all learnt so much.

It was a real pleasure to meet you.


Teresa said...

I can't remember a Sunday better spent - thank you for being so generous with your knowledge. I loved every minute of it, and can't wait till our paths cross again.

Wynn Studio said...

I bet you are enjoying cutting off their heads as much as I do!

See you in a few days~ my dear...

J a n e

~Izabella said...

Your newest creations are ohhhh so amazing!! gawd your brain is brilliant!! ;)

Sorry to hear about the robbery! that is terrible!

Hope you have a grand time in LA for CHA~

xo ~Bella
p.s. I am extreeemely jealous you & Judy hung out at Keith's house, oh to be a fly on the wall that night ;)

Judy Wise said...

Brilliant new creations, Michael, and the titles are as clever as the work. Boxer Rebellion indeed - ha ha. Love Ganesha, the Rhino, the Running Man the best. What a fruitful time.

Karen Cole said...

What a great series of work, Michael!!!
The " manamals" are incredible.
I see a show in your future?????

My favorite is the "Running Man".


Safe travels to lala land.

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous work Michael, I love the Ganesha piece. It was great catching up with you and Judy again, hope we can catch up again next time.

Jen said...

these are some kinda wonderful. kudos!

BloggingQueen said...

Glad to see Jane saw the latest creations -- I was just about to say it looks like you two have been hanging out together!

I wonder if you two collaborated on a piece, how many heads would the man-imal have? ;o)

vintagemoonstudio said...

Way cool, Dr Hyde! Hoping to be able to get to your classes when you're in New England... Deb

~Eyescream~ said...

I just have to say it was a real treat to see a lot of these in person (in your class), to touch & feel these detailed creations, to see the colors live. Such treasures.