Thursday, March 08, 2007

How ya going, mate

How ya going?

So a few people have been wondering what happend to me down under. No, a great white shark didn't swallow me whole...though I was at a restaurant in Freemantle with giganto fish and sharks hanging on the wall. I'd love to to a mixed media piece with those.

The workshop in Fremantle was great. Jo and her mum Jackie (the owners of Artistic Journey) were extraordinarily kind and generous hosts. The students were wonderful, I kept getting asked how the students/classes differed from the states...not much different, other than the teachers get more breaks...morning tea and afternoon tea. The plan is that I will be back to Perth to teach in all you Aussies mark your calendars.
I've been back in Sydney hanging out for the last bunch of days. Went to see La Traviata with Judy (above) as well as Lesley Riley and Nina Bagley (who many of you know from the art circuit in the states). Beautiful. Not only the opera but the setting. As it turned out during intermission fireworks filled the the Sydney harbor (or as they say "harbour"). Apparently anytime a cruise ship comes in they light fireworks...big ones. Way cool.

The first day back in Sydney, Judy's bro arranged for us to have an all day tour around Sydney by boat on "Poppy" an amazing day. Here are Lesley, Nina and I, on Poppy.
Wandered around Bondi beach the other day. Lovely walk around the bay. Check out the color (or should I say "colour") of the water.
Here's a little home someone has created for themselves. What more does anyone need?

Wildlife report:
I have seen:
2 kangaroos
2 possum
359 big-ass bats
3 lizards
3000 magpies
3000 ravens
55 rosella
11 cockroaches
1 heron

that's all I have to report for now...more to come,


Carmi said...

Those pictures make the north american winter seem very long indeed! You all look fantastic!

Ro Bruhn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Michael and your kind comments, I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and would certainly recommend it to anyone who has a chance to attend one. I see junk in a new light now, I've collected it for years and now I know what to do with it, and yes I remembered the ants, have you seen the size of some of the ones over here, they'd walk away with the whole pez container.

Enjoy the rest of your stay in Oz.
Hope to catch up with you when you return.
Take care

Marie said...

Glad you are having fun downunder and even getting the spelling right!
Dont hurry home, it's freezing here..literally have snow on my deck! Ugh!

Ev said...

I was so glad I did your shrine class, what a wonderful person you are and so generous with your creativity. I love my original deMeng art I have and also my shrines I created in your workshop and am trying to find the best spot for them. I will see you in December when you come back over for sure.

Karen said...

hey michael! looks like your having fun! I enjoyed your wildlife report :) mine consists of some pigeons, a seagul an a pair of squirrels, not quite as interesting! see you @ artfest!

Julie H said...

Hehe, where did you find the cockroaches?

Seriously, thank you for making the treck not only Down Under, but Out West. Your class was an inspiration and I so appreciated the challenge.

Izabella said...

I am so jealous! you look like you're having a blast :)

what an awesome pic of you & Judy!!


Megan Pickwell said...

Love your latest plaster cast as-sem-blarrrrge!
Sydney really turned it on for you these last few days - have you considered altering a pylon or two on the huge coat hanger that joins the north side to the city?

Kristen Robinson said...

Truly charming photos what a wonderful journey cannot wait to hear more!


jo said...

Hi Michael! Worked out how to post a comment, finally. Duh???
So looking forward to catching up in December, no dramas with tablecloths this time, I promise!! Just seen the artwork on the plaster cast on Judys blog, fantastic. Wonder if I can swing a broken limb by December?

Hope you had a great flight home.