Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quinacridone Gold

One color people have difficulty finding for my workshops is Quin Gold. It has been renamed Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold, and it is made by Golden. Don't be confused into thinking that this is a metalic ain't. It is crucial in creating some of the effects of aging (not refering to my rapidly graying hair). I mix it with just about everything. You can order it from Golden direct or you can usually find it at Michaels or other large art stores.

Also...begining late Spring...I'll be selling paint kits that have all the colors I use to create different looks.


Julaine said...

I saw found your blog through a link from Artella...fabulous work!

Now I remember reading the profile on you in Cloth,Paper,Scissors...
I guess I'm in good company now, as I am writing an article for them.

Frivolitea said...

I use nickle azo gold all the time too. I particularly like to use it as a base color and dab turquoise over it to give the effect of weathered copper.

Izabella said...

looking forward to buying your paint kits, what a grand idea!

mizcarla said...

Hey Michael!!

I had breakfast with you this morning. I was happily munching my honey nut cheerios watching you on Craft Lab doing your faboo poloroid shrines. You did a fantastic job and didn't misbehave even once (or maybe you did and it got edited out? hehee).