Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm back...and I see a whole bunch of words!

Okie dokie, the words are in! Now it's time for Nicole and I to rummage through them and announce a winner...wooooo hoooo!

There are some very cool words and it will be tough to nail them down. Good job.

Here's a little treat...
I will post the winning word and inventor on my blog....the other words I'm keeping in a vault until July. Why? Well because Somerset Studios wants to feature some of the words in the July/Aug edtion of Melange. Don't know how many they will use, so I can't promise you that yours will appear (especially since I had so many entries), but it will be something to look forward to.

On Jan. 19th I'll announce the Master of the Word.

stay tuned.

I've been away for the last three weeks hangin with a friend. First in S.F. then to New York. I had a great time. In NY we managed to see the ball drop on New Years Eve, and hooked up with a bunch of Cortona, Italy workshop attendees...what fun.

In S.F. I came across an alley in the Mission District filled with murals, so I thought I'd share them:


Anonymous said...

the suspense will be my undoing!

Izabella said...

your looking pretty spiffy in the leather! :)

xo!! ~Bella

Anonymous said...

thanx for posting the pics of the murals! quite inspiring.