Saturday, June 10, 2006

Back from N.C.

Saluda was great. I highly recommend visiting this little town...quite purdy, plus plenty of lightning bugs (which we don't get in the west) so that is always a treat. I met some way cool people and Jane and Paul of Random Arts were great hosts. So in a nutshell if you're looking to take a class somewhere in the south, this would be a great option.

While I was in those parts, I hooked up with Nicole McConville and Terry Taylor of Lark Books (I'm in a few of Terry's upcoming books); the treated me to dinner and showed me the sights of well as the after hours tour of Lark Books. Very nice of them especially since my upcoming book is being published by NorthLight and I could have been a spy. ]

Nicole...who is an amazing artist as well...check out her work here: sigilation
She and her husband purchased an old bank building and it is a way cool place to live...wunderbar! Not to mention her creepy clown and crazy monkey collections.

Back for a few off to the studio.

Michael deMeng


Donna Conley said...

Hey, Michael, we loved you being in Saluda! I learned so much and had such a beautiful time. Come back soon.

deMeng said...

thnx Donna,

I loved it too...and I will be back with a little more time to raid all of North Carolina junk yards.

Meg Fowler said...

Thanks for an incredible 2 days of sharing your secrets with us. It could NOT have been better ... unless you count that little trip to the emergency room after my 'accident' (?) with my VooDoo Daddy!!!

Come back soon!!!

nicole said...

it was a sincere pleasure to meet you after all this time. my hope is that it will not be the last. i can't wait to see what happens with your book. fondest wishes!