Wednesday, August 08, 2012

the Mad Alchemist is back! 10 days and counting!

My next online class starts in 10 days...don't get left behind! 
Click here to hop on board:
Here's what you'll learn:

Mad Alchemists Construction Guide Syllabus 

1. Inherent Thingy-ness 

-Looking at objects and seeing what about them will assist in the assemblage process.
2. Problem solving – Look before you leap,
3. Zen-ssemblage -The importance of making you objects ONE with each other
4. Defying gravity- Gravity is what needs to be conquered when doing anything sculptural
5. Boing Factor- Glues that “Boing!” E6000 and Sugru Hacking Putty
6. Getting Between the Cracks -Foam insulation
7. The Gorilla and the Carpenter - Wood glue and Gorilla glue
8. Resin-ating -Two part resin
9. In the Fray with Clay – Sculpey, Aves, and others
10. Ewey and Gooey¬ - Molding Paste and Gel Medium
11. The Ever Expanding Foamy Blob - Great Stuff foam insulation
12. Something Screwy – Bolts, Screws, Nails,Dowells and pegs
13. Don’t cut that off…it might come in handy- Intentionally using screws, bolts, and wires that are longer than you need.
14. Specialty Hardware¬ - L brackets and hinges
15. Tying One On - Wire , Twine, Rope, and Chain
16. Unusual Solutions – Pulleys, springs and other things
17. Master of the Plaster - Plaster and paint make it what it aint.
18. Bare Bones -Building Armatures

19. Mag-neeto

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