Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Go, ye giddy goose! To Zinnia!

Okay you So. Cal folks.  Don't say I don't come and visit…because I do.  I'm on my way next week in fact…Assemblings of a Mad Watchmaker and deMent-triloquism.  If you don't go…you can't play.  Some of the techniques you'll learn are…
Ghoulish Glow
Tricky Rotting Flesh Routine'
Creepy Baby Doll
Tricky Frozen Caveman
Tricky Burning Caveman
Verdigris Crunch
and if there is time…
Shellac Attack
Intriqued?  You should be…see you there! 
Be there or...thou art a...dissembling weather-bitten foot-licker! 
and I know you don't want to be that.

June 22-24
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